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  1. Daytona: I'll take a nice sofa anyday ! :lol: Tessa: Huh?
  2. Right on, TDG ! :thumbs: There would be no need for a law against altering an animal's looks, if breeders and KC's would not endorse the cropping and docking. I blame AKC, it's judges and the breeders of these breeds. If there are no cropped/docked animals available, people will simply buy them the way nature intended them to be. Hey better yet: Why don't breeders start breeding for that look they so desire? (I'm being sarcastic..... :wink:) I wish my dane had floppy ears....... looks much cuter than the spock-look. :D :P
  3. Please don't get upset :buzi: - I just really would like to know, why the US-breeders don't join the rest of the world in this....... that's all. :niewiem: Obviously, the "customers" would prefer the natural look. :wink: There's a start ! :) :thumbs:
  4. [quote]oh what a can of worms you have opened! [/quote] :oops: *duck and run* :oops: I'm impressed though, how civil the discussion is going. :thumbs: Ask that question in a Dane forum, and you better pack up and leave !! :o :o They get real defensive, and when everything points toward "wrong-doing", they get real aggressive. :lol: :P [quote]No? Do you have your ears pierced? The only difference I see between piercings and cropping is you choose to get a hole in you, and you choose for teh dog whether he gets to keep his ears or not.[/quote] There's a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge difference between piercing and cropping. :wink: Piercing: YOU decide you want that done, and it's YOUR choice. Plus, it's just a little, painless ouchy-kind-of-sensation, when it's being done. No anesthesia involved here. :wink: Cropping: It's a surgical procedure, called A M P U T A T I O N , and the puppy has no choice but hope to survive the anesthesia and good aftercare. :roll: The operation is followed by months of taping, glueing and God-knows- what-else, until the finished PRODUCT reaches the desired asthetic appearance. Pretty? NO !! Mutilated? YES !! [quote]Most BYB'ers don't crop ears. It is too expensive for them to give up their precious $$. I've never seen a cropped Doberman in a pet store, either. So irresponsibly bought puppies come with natural ears 99% of the time. It is the owners' choice. [/quote] All the European breeders are BYB? :o I don't think so. In Germany for instance you need approval from the "Zuchtverband", before you even get to breed your dogs. In other words: If I don't want a cropped dog, I need to go to a BYB? That makes the serious breeder look not so serious anymore to me. :wink: :-? :o I'll take THIS look of a happy pup anyday........ :) [URL=http://imageshack.us][img]http://img486.imageshack.us/img486/5893/prettybreeze22iw.jpg[/img][/URL] to the look, of a miserable looking little thing. :cry: [URL=http://imageshack.us][img]http://img486.imageshack.us/img486/320/breezemr32yd.jpg[/img][/URL]
  5. I was being sarcastic. Oh well............ :roll: :angel:
  6. Thank you so much for your kind words.......... it does hurt, and it's amazing how much we love our fur-kids, isn't it? :cry: Giaco lost his will to fight after Purzi was gone, and he just followed her....... It still breaks my heart. :(
  7. :wink: ...........as far as tails go: I don't think there are any tails out there as vulnerable as a Dane tail. :roll: :P :-? Why don't we humans amputate our fingers when we're little? We may cut ourselves or break them some day. Same argument. :wink: :P :)
  8. Bravo, TDG !! Well said !! :klacz: :kciuki:
  9. My first dog, Cindy, was tied to a post along the Autobahn in Germany at the ripe young age of 3 months. From there she was put in a shelter, where I adopted her from at age 8 months. I had a rough three years with her, and after that, she was the best dog I ever had. (Doberman-Shepherd-Bernese-Mix) [URL=http://imageshack.us][img]http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/8432/avatarcindy0do.jpg[/img][/URL] My wirehair dachsigirl was a Christmas present from my father, and she was quite stubborn and hunt-driven, but a real sweetheart. I got to pick her up at a breeders place near Freiburg, Germany. [URL=http://imageshack.us][img]http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/9228/avatarpurz31uz.jpg[/img][/URL] Kelsie was a Dobie-Shepherd Mix who was sitting on death-row in a local kill-shelter at age 8 months. I got her out of there just in time and rehabbed her for two years. She was one of those dogs who were in the wrong hands and was brought up as wrong as you can bring up a dog. She was not suitable for a suburban lifestyle, and so I took her up to Minnesota where she lives now with a friend of mine on a big horse-farm. That dog was not meant to be on a leash. She would have made one heck of a tracking/detection dog with all that drive she had. [URL=http://imageshack.us][img]http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/9755/kelsie0427qj.jpg[/img][/URL] Giaco was my Standard Poodle boy, who died this year of cancer at age 8. I got him through rescue who referred me to a breeder who wanted to "get rid of him". I paid a lot of money to get him out of there, and the grand total in medical bills I paid for this dog through the years approached easily the $ 25 000 mark. At the end he did lose the fight , and I will never get over him............ He was way to sweet to have to die that young. [URL=http://imageshack.us][img]http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/1426/giacoyard2eu.jpg[/img][/URL] Daytona, my Dane, is a retired show-dog I took over from a friend of mine who breeds danes. He came to our house at age 2 and has been here ever since. (He's almost 7 now) [URL=http://imageshack.us][img]http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/6894/themanurefield25ja.jpg[/img][/URL] Tessa I got from a breeder, because rescue would not let me have a dog because of my "old man Daytona", who is not neutered. A friend of mine owns her father, and since I've known him since he was a puppy, I pretty much knew what I was getting. :wink: (So far she hasn't disappointed me in the least.) [URL=http://imageshack.us][img]http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/2271/120405tessa227kp.jpg[/img][/URL] Well - and then there are the occasional houseguests staying with us. Mostly Danes, Beagles, Dachsis and "whatever". :lol:
  10. :o ...........same thing: Unnecessary altering of an animal's appearence. :niewiem: :wink:
  11. Sorry, if I offended you ......... I didn't realize, that cropping was done for other than cosmetic reasons. :wink:
  12. GREAT POST, TDG !! :thumbs: My question is, WHY ON EARTH is the AKC still ENDORSING the cropping and docking of ears and tails? :evil: THEY are the ones with the "power" to influence this practise. As long as THEY promote the mutilation of dogs, and as long as judges mark uncropped/-docked dogs down, it will be done. For the sake of it, let's throw the declawing in there too. :wink: Isn't it time, the AKC joined the millenium? :roll: Isn't it about time, breeders of such breeds get together and quit doing it ? It's in their power......... :wink:
  13. Guys - let me tell you something: If docking really helps to keep the living-room less bloody, then all Danes should be docked. :wink: Very often, Danes suffer from bloody tails because they tend to smack them into dooframes, tables and other corners of the house or in the car. Therefore, lots of Danes have to have their tails removed because they don't heal once they are injured. What really makes me kind of wonder, because if that's the case, it's called an A M P U T A T I O N , not a docking. Isn't that weird? :wink: Tails are usually docked when the pups are just a few days old and the bone is still soft and "pliable" (mostly cartelidge) The bleeding is minimal as is the pain. Cropping ears is an entirely different story though........... :evilbat: One way or another: There's no reason why animals should be mutilated like that, just because they need to fit in our sense of asthetics, right?
  14. Oh no - is it parvo? :-? :cry: I just hope the little girl makes it !! I wish her all the luck in the world.............. so sad !! :(
  15. :d Great !! We pretty much all agree, that cropping/docking should be a thing of the past. Let me be the devil's advocate and ask: If the "consumer" (that's us !:)) doesn't want this done to their future puppy, WHY ON EARTH do breeders still crop and dock? :evilbat: I even want to go further: As far as I know, there is a law in the making in the state of CA, to OUTLAW this mutilation of dogs. Guess what? Our "dear" (...and I use this term losely!!) AKC has called on breeders to DEFEND THEIR RIGHT of cropping and docking. Am I missing something? :oops: :-?
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