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RIP Norman!


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Our friend from MAESSR (where we got Carse), Joan, just lost her beloved Springer Norman the other day.. He was gettin up there in age, but still a complete doll face. When he came into rescue, he only had one eye.. but believe me, that didnt effect him in the least.

He had an article in the MAESSR news letter called "Senior Moments".. Heres this months..

[quote]My last three years as a MAESSR dog have been so wonderful for me. Being placed in a home with a woman who had never owned a dog before copmletely worked to my advantage. I was able to train her that treats for every deed were mandatory. It was amazing, she would say "sit" and I would sit and sure enough a treat materialized. Sometimes I would just go sit and yes, she would pull a treat out of her pocket. The quality of the treats varied, but my favorites came from a bakeray called Dogma. I would do handstands for a treat from Dogma.

The other thing I have enjoyed is all the love I have gotten as a MAESSR dog. Being a rescue dog somehow made me special in the eyes of so many people. My mom would tell me about all the good wishes people would send my way. Even if she hadnt told me, I could feel that there was a whole community lifting me up.

From the outside looking in, perhaps my days seemed uneventful. But for me, having a warm bed or chair to snuggle in, regular meals, walks and lots of love made every day a great day for me. However, just to stir things up I ould occasionally misbehave. Counter-surfing was one area where I exhibited exceptional skill. I told you about the eight New York strip steaks last summer, but I didnt tell you about the 200 christmas cookies in 2003, or the lasagna in 2004, the countless loaves of bread, cookies, the party snacks, or the breakfast muffins. Yes, my mom would get mad but through it all, but I knew she would love me. And seriously, she should have gotten a clue that I would scale any height for extra food.

My springer sisters, Kelly and Tasha have also been a joy to me. It is so much fun to race them and always beat them. However I must say that Tasha gives me a run for my money in beating me out the door for our walks. I have loved laying in a pile with these girls. As many of you know, there is nothing better then Springer loving.

There have been so many things that I am grateful for in being a MAESSR dog. I am grateful for the countless volunteers who do so much to care for and place Springers. I will never forget riding in Heather's convertible or being loved by Teri Wiley and her family. I am also grateful to Billi Kerfoot for fostering me. Thank you to all of you.

And now It is time to say good bye forever. I went to the bridge today, and am sitting here with all the special MAESSR dogs who have gone before me. I am waiting here to give comfort and friendship to those who come to me. I am celebrating my life on earth as a MAESSR dog, and I ask that you do the same in my memory. [/quote]

Run free at the bridge Norman, you big clumsy dork. :angel:

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