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ever swallow non food items?


Have you ever swallowed non edible items?  

  1. 1. Have you ever swallowed non edible items?

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Just a few months ago I swallowed something. Don't know what it was. I had just poured a glass of Mtn Dew. I don't know if there was something stuck in the glass or if it came from the drink, it was clear and hard and it stuck in my throat for 3 days. My daughter has a habit of sticking trash wherever she can, so I think she may have put something in my glass without my knowing it.

Everybody is in the gutter....Not going there!!! :lol:

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Um, I shoved a pea up my nose when I was young, but I guess that doesnt count as eating something now does it?
Oh, here's a good one:
When I was a toddler, I was with my family at a friends house. I guess I found their dog treats, and started to eat one. I am not sure what it was, prolly a Milkbone. My mom thought it was hilarious, so she called everyone over and gave me another so they could have a good laugh. LOL, my dad did not find the humor in it, and took it away from me. As you can see, I have had food on the brain from a very early age. :oops:

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Nothing really although we were required to eat small amounts of dirt for my soil and water class - it's the only way to tell the difference between certain soil types in the feild - it has to do with silty/grittiness on the teeth. Either that or my prof. was a mean man with a funy sense of humour.

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