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I might be a dog groomer...

Guest Mutts4Me

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Guest Mutts4Me

Went to Petsmart today for an "Open Interview." There were about 8 other people (I don't know how people know about these things, they don't advertise) there. We had to watch a video and fill out an "interest in employment" form (not an application).

Then they told us the two available positions were Cashier and Bather. So they asked who would be interested in being a bather, and I thought [i]what the heck[/i] and raised my hand along with 4 other people. They marked us so that the Salon Manager would have people to interview. Soon, I went to my interview with her.

I had marked that I'd want to be a Cashier, Animal Care associate (small animal or fish), etc. Basically "anything." So when I was walking to the salon, I told the manager that while I didn't put Bather on my form, "I'm totally up for it."

We talked a bit, I told her about the Wildlife Refuge and my chow/shepherd's mass of hair that I brush and bathe solo. So when we were done (it was quick) she was like, "I'm gonna get you a second interview with Matt (main manager), come on" So I followed, and Matt was taking someone else for an interview when she asked if I could have a second interview. He was confused, and said "Well, normally we just [i]call[/i] them if we're interested, but I guess if you want I can talk to her tomorrow."

So I'm going back tomorrow morning. I think I might be a dog bather, which was not my intention, but hey. And being a dog bather probably leads to being a dog groomer, and there are options when you become a dog groomer. So while it's a far cry from the copy-editing and/or writing positions I've been looking for, it's a job, and it's around animals, and it means an employee discount.

So cross your fingers for me, huh? Please?

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Its alot of FUN!!! I crossed over into the grooming side after 6 months or so of prepping and bathing. I ended up doing it out of the house, and had a blast! I still do some occasionally when my schedule allows. GOOD LUCK

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