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What do you feed your dog?

What do you feed your dog?  

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  1. 1. What do you feed your dog?

    • Home Prepared Raw
    • Home Prepared Cooked
    • Innova, Wysong, Wellness, Solid Gold, Canidae
    • Other Super Premium From Pet Specialty Store
    • Iams/Euk, Nutro, Eagle, President's Choice Lamb
    • Purina (Dog Chow, Purina One, Beneful), ProPlan, Ol'Roy, Pedigree

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Funny thing about 'Ol Roy. I know a VERY well-respected Akita breeder that fed 'Ol Roy for the past 20+ years. Her akitas and danes have always been in excellent shape and healthy. I agree the ingredients are not good, but her dogs had no problem thriving on it.
I just switched back from Eagle Pack holistic to Wellness Chicken.

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my parents been feeding the Ol' Roy stuff ever since I can remember and so far the only dog thats died is Max and that wasn't food releated. He was 15,almost blind,almost deaf,arthritis in his lower back and on down to his hind legs and cuz of the arthritis he couldn't sit rather he squated and the same for when he needed to poo. We juss couldn't stand to see him suffer nemore so we had the HS out him to sleep.

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My dogs were fed Ol Roy when I was a kid.
They were very active dogs, good coats, and they never saw a vet.

But when we switched maggie to a good food, the difference was amazing.

A dog of course can do well on a crappy dog food, but when you switch to a premium food, as long as the dog agrees with the food(some foods just dont go well with some dogs) the change is ultimately amazing.

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