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Therapy dogs


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Meg and I are just back from the childrens hospital after a very active and busy visit. No matter how many times we visit, the staff always welcome us with open arms quite literally and rave about how much it benefits the children. So many children get so much out of throwing a ball and being in control or simply stroking Meg. It still amazes me how some respond so positively to Meg but yet are reluctant to take orders from staff. One little girl today who was 6 ys old had no notion of going out of bed and really didn't have enthusiasm for anything. We brought Meg to say hi and she stroked her like the other kids. As we were leaving the wee lassie began to cry and shout that she wanted to take Meg for a walk outside. She wouldn't give up at all, so the nurses detatched her iv drip and set her in a wheelchair and she held Megs lead and walked her to the end of the corridor and back. Her parents just couldn't say enough thanks. That wee girl was then happy to go back to her bed quietly and that just made her day (and ours) :D

This was Meg and I's last visit and the staff at the hospital as well as myself were emotional. They all say that even if they get another dog in, it won't be as special as Meg and one wee girl with cystic fibrosis who is in hospital a lot said that Meg was the hospital's special dog. I was near in tears. :wink: The staff and children on one ward at the end of our 3 hour visit gave me a big box of quality street chocolates as well.

That folks is what therapy dogs are about. They bring so much pleasure and please I urge you if anyone has got a dog with a suitable temperament enrol in a scheme and get your dog temperament tested. It makes such a difference. I shall now go and upload a few pics that I took :wink:

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Guest Anonymous

Awe! Meg sounds so special! :D :angel:

I would LOVE to get Coal into Therapy work! I think he would do really good because he is SUCH a big suck :lol: but I live in a very small town that offers nothing :-? :(

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it's been proven scientifically that interaction with pets (dogs and cats) releases endorphins in the brain, which eases pain, and brings joy. that;s why hospitals are more open to the idea now than ever before, especially with children and elderly. that's why people get pets (has been postulated)
because the pets dont "make you do stuff", "always like you" "never think you're bad" "love you no matter what"...etc.

they dont care if you're not beautiful, will put their heads in your lap and say "I'm sorry" in doggy ways when you had a bad day. forgive you if you yell at them, without holding a grudge. they are GOOD for people. was this an accident? I, personally, dont think so....

:angel: :angel:

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Well you must be very proud. Great work, both of you.

I dont know how you didn't cry though, because I had tears in my eyes just readin your post!! :cry:

This is something I have considered for Jada when she gets a bit older. She is pretty relaxed, and more then happy to sit there all day and let anyone pet her that wishes....

I don't know exactly whats required, but at 11 months, I know shes got a while before she could start ( I think anyways...)

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Guest Anonymous

yeah, Kat you wana give us a bit of info on how to get into it?
I know that there was someone in Prince George (two hour drive from here) who wanted to get their dog into therapy work. The dog growled someone at the evaluation though :-? I can't remember why, but I'm pretty sure it was something to do with the dog being scared, or something... I can't remember.
Anyway, so I'm pretty sure I could take Coal there to get tested and what not... but how exactlly do I go abouts that? What's the thing called that I get him tested at?

Our hospital here is a pretty cheap one and doesn't have many people... but a lot of the elderly, so I could find out if they'd be interested in having a therapy dog there! :D

I think the biggest problem would be haulling Coal to Prince George, he HATES care rides! :lol: Finally though, we've gotten to the point where we can drive into town without him throwing up :lol: BUt two hours?? :o I duno...

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