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RIP HOLLY! my pride and joy has left this world. *cry*


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:cry: I was so saddened by your news.......I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes as I read. I'm so very sorry for your loss and I know it's going to hurt for a long time.
I still get tears when I think of my Nakita who passed in Jan./01 after 15 years together.
My only consulation is hoping I see her again on Rainbow Bridge.
I feel so bad for Boomer too, he's going to be totally lost for awhile, I hope he adjusts. :(

R.I.P Holly...... :angel:

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wow mich this is absolutly sad.. Im so sorry, this is terrible i dont remember what it feels like to loos a dog, since the last dog i lost was sharas, and MY dog tanner died when i was 7 or so.. But i knmow whats its like to loos a pet, i remember how i would love tinkerbell then hate her, then love her then hate her so much, i would pet her jsut to maek her hiss because she was a bitch sometimes, but then, the day she died,m i remember just sitting by her saying i was sorry for hating her and that i loved her still. And even tho she always bit me, adn she didnt like me, i still miss her.

Holly is in a better world, She died wayy too young, but Everythign Happens For A Reason. Just remeber that. It was her time, she needed to go. Be free holly :angel: well miss you dearly

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Thanks PitGal, Aroura, Duke and ALL others who have answered this thread and who all feel my pain, and gave their condolences.. :fadein: you are all very kind, a great bunch of people, and i knew that i could come here for some cheering up.!
Thanks Girls and Guys, you are all too kind and sweet, it means alot to me, my family, Boomer, and im [i]sure[/i] that Holly appreciates it too!

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