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  1. Duke_3


    I emiled him, And give him a ton of reaseons why this is so wrong. JUST because some pitbulls are abused and breed to fight with the neighbors dogs in old abandond garages and houses and that makes them mean, doesnt mean all pit bulls are that way! Ive met lots that were sweeter than any other dog. I mean like somone else said next he could go after any other breed. I told him that if he did this he would be forcing many many MANY good people to move over a stupid decision like a dog. I mean LOTS of dogs are agressive, or fighters and they cant help it!! If we don't fight back, hell ban all dogs in general very soon.he will..
  2. I cant find the pic but i can remeber what it looked like.. it looked like an overly large chihuah with and insanly large head!! LOL And another way of conception would be if the dane(mom) was laying down and the dad was standing up, its a possabilty
  3. wow mich this is absolutly sad.. Im so sorry, this is terrible i dont remember what it feels like to loos a dog, since the last dog i lost was sharas, and MY dog tanner died when i was 7 or so.. But i knmow whats its like to loos a pet, i remember how i would love tinkerbell then hate her, then love her then hate her so much, i would pet her jsut to maek her hiss because she was a bitch sometimes, but then, the day she died,m i remember just sitting by her saying i was sorry for hating her and that i loved her still. And even tho she always bit me, adn she didnt like me, i still miss her. Holly is in a better world, She died wayy too young, but Everythign Happens For A Reason. Just remeber that. It was her time, she needed to go. Be free holly :angel: well miss you dearly
  4. Duke_3

    Sour Milk

    OK i know milk isnt good for dogs, but my parents insit giving milk that has expired to duke "wont hurt him", "he'll be fine" And i always try to stop tehm but they always give it to him, now everytime they tell me to i dump it out because i know it WILL hurt him, so can anyone give me anythign to say? TO tell them that will hurt him, i know theres a disease they can get from eating dairy producs, but i dont remeber the name and if i did id look it up so any help? Thanks guys.
  5. Duke_3

    Dukes leg..

    oh ya he has lost a ton of weight, he was fat during the winter LOL, no hes a bit betteer since you last saw him (shara) and i think tis jsut because its not winter so he doesnt need fat and he can run now more, since theres no snow so hes got more excersie type thing.Im sure hell get it back. But ya hes great Oh and i goota story to say.. Last week i got BOTH my parentals aproval and duke is officially sleeping in the house EVERY night ON MY BED!!!! And last night he jumped up and since i wasnt already there he STOLE the middle!!!!! AND MY PILLOW So i was soo un comfy last night cause i had to sleep beside him on the corner of the bed.. Geez... Hes a bed hog somedays.. BUt i LOVE him.
  6. Duke_3

    Dukes leg..

    Today i got home from babysitting and duke had a TERRIBLE limp!!! Its horrible. Its his right back leg, and theres no broken bones, cuts, scrapes or anyhting, but he cna hardly put pressure on it, he'll try and step on it then lift his foot again. :cry: i massaged his leg, scratched his belly, just started sppoiling him which makes him smile! and thats good, but i jsut wann know if theres anythign i can do to help? Did he pull a muscle whats going on? I feel bad, I wanna help, what can i do? He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sleeping with ME tonight! (( he sleeps in my room every night now, which i said id get him to do didnt i ;) and tonight, hes on the bed, in teh middle if he wants, ok mabey i wont spoil him THAT much, i need sum room!)
  7. Duke_3


    lol so dogs can cry! lol just kidding,
  8. Duke_3


    Just a stupid question. can dogs cry? I know they have somewahat of a tear duct, as do all or most living thigns, but can tehy cry? Becuase today duke has allot of wettness aroud his eyes, not so much wetness like in shizt-zu or other dog, BUt it was not sleep either, it was like eye goobers but all over, only on the inside of his eyes to it was jsut like wet very wet i wiped it all away and it hasnt come back but im jsut wondering..
  9. I agree with shara pet cetra is my fav ppl are all oh its so stupid but think about it !
  10. Duke_3

    HELP-My Boxer is losing her mind

    DOnt worry i think everythign happens for a reason, and your boxer was ment to be this way and I think if your boxer does need to go, that it was have had a great life!!! This dog is like 12-13 thats old. Most dogs dont live that old, some live past but most only live up to that which is great!!! I also argee with the above posts, welcome to dogo..:D
  11. Duke_3

    Animal Disection in School

    I think its crule :evil: Theres not a chance im going to disect anything, not a flea, not a tick, not a worm and NOT a baby pig. Baby pigs are one of my FAVORITE creatures on teh PLANTE, after dogs and cats pigs all the way. Farming is in my jeans(my moms a ranch girl, grew up on a farm) and Pigs are awsoem. And theres no way im disectiong one. In our highschoool you disect pigs, frogs, eyeballs, heart and sum else worms prolly, and did you know the frogs are alive? theyre are jsut on sleeing medicatioN!!!!!! I say its incredibly mean i love frogs to. Im not doing it not a single soul in the world can make me do it, I dont care if i flunk im not disecting an animal, ESPECALLY pigs, as i stated i love them. I mean would you disect your own baby? So why would you disect a pigs baby? Its crule. I say its realy mane and i refuse to do it thats only my opinion of course
  12. Duke_3

    Dog I saw yesterday...

    Ya i did go up to one becuase i thought it looked friendly, my mom was all dont touch him hell hurt you hes huge i was like he wont hurt me and i scrathed him and stuff he was friendly ther are soo cool!
  13. Duke_3

    Dog I saw yesterday...

    oh ya but they are so beautiful !
  14. Duke_3

    Dog I saw yesterday...

    thanks for the pics!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes thay are gental giants very cool I cant imagen shedding season! :o
  15. Duke_3

    Dog I saw yesterday...