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Texas Dogbite Lawyers

Queen Bitch

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Cross Posted From Dogholocaust:

Here in the Houston area this hot shot trial lawyer, Jim Adler, is trolling for dog bite cases. His ad shows a rottie, a dobe, and pit bulls all in the worst possable light. "If you have been bitten by a bad dog the owner may have homeowners insurance to pay for your medical bills" then he has an 800
for people to call!

1-800-BAD-DOGS (1-800-223-3647)
Blame it on the dogs...only because "1-800-BAD-OWNER" wouldn't drum up as much business

What a joke of a liar, oops sorry, lawyer.

From his website:
Some of the more dangerous dog breeds include:

Pit Bulls
Doberman Pinchers
German Shepherds

Hmmmmmmm there is a phone number :evilbat:

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That is crazy. People like to make an easy bug and he will make people sue that were probably bitten because they did something to a dog. What can we do? Write him emails and lock up his computer? That just puts such a bad light on dogs. He is probably one of those people that would sue McDonalds for making him gain 2 pounds!!!!!

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I'm really tempted to call his number, after hours, and leave numerous messages on the voicemail....

"Hello, I've been bitten by a chihauhau, do you take those cases?" "Hello? I
got bit by a sausage-dog mix, can you help me?" "Hello, My neighbor 15 houses down got bit by a wild rabid skunk, should I have her call you?"

and so on...and leave different phony numbers on every call...HEE HEE!! I could have FUN with this...they cant trace it, it's a cell phone...doesnt leave a note on caller id...

and then end it with a riddle...."why do sharks never bite lawyers?"

"professional courtesy..."

:evilbat: :evilbat: :evilbat: :evilbat: :evilbat:

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Guest Anonymous

you will not get a machine, they have people answering the phone 24 hours a day. The worst part about the man in the case of his car accident commercials, he makes a neck and head injury look like you walk away just fine.

The man is scum

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