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  1. Cold, nutritious treats worked best. Thanks for your help... he's 10 months old and 50 lbs now... Without Dogo, it would have been difficult (and our vet would have been very annoyed with the phone calls)! Thanks! :fadein:
  2. Thanks. Great site reference. We are going to take him to vet tomorrow just to see. Some friends have suggested that it's just a "hot spot" since we live here in Houston. I had never heard of it, but their pups had it before, and its a pretty benign condition. Thanks again!
  3. Hey all, I have a 8 month old lab that has a balding patch on his upper hind leg that develop about 2 weeks ago. It has not gone away and now he is sometimes jerking off that leg real fast but it only has happend recently. I and taking him to the vet in a couple of days. I give been giving him advantix for 6 months now and it has worked great keeping off feas and ticks so I do think that is it. I cannot see any rash on him either. Has anyone ever seen this problem?
  4. I wouldn't take her to the groomer until she gets an all-clear. You don't want to risk her getting worse, or spreading it around the groomers. It's highly contagious, just like most viruses that bother humans.
  5. Sid is losing all of his puppy teeth, and won't eat his normal dry food. He really hasn't eaten a full serving in 3 days. Any suggestions on how to get him to eat, or should we sub wet food for the time being? Thanks!
  6. we use Natural Balance because a.) Sid likes it, b.) it's good for him, and c.) it's readily available at Petco near where we live. I have been satisfied with it, and it doesn't cost too much more than the junk food brands (Purina, etc).
  7. Yeah we live in Houston, and it's crawling with scum like Jim Adler. I haven't seen any dog bite ads yet, but I have seen the plethora of car accident victim ads he puts out on daytime TV.
  8. Do a google on "unusual baby names." That helps! We named ours Sid Vicious (goes by Sid only of course!)...
  9. I have never sitted this Yorkie before, but she is familiar with us, as we would spend time over at her home with our friends. She does get especially snappy when he starts "puppy" playing...jumping, squealing, etc. If he is on the floor chewing a bone or something, she will go up to him, but once he moves she snaps. Today, she actually got a piece of him (his ear, but it did not break the skin), so we have decided that these two definitely do not need to be together. Thanks for the advice... I think it's a combo of being in a new place and not having the benefit of socializatoin with other pups!
  10. I hope someone can help me!! As you may know, I'm new to dogo...joining after I adopted Sid 3 weeks ago. Well before then, I had agreed to puppysit a friend's 3 year old Yorkie while he and the misses go to Hawaii, rather than having her boarded and risk getting kennel cough. WELL, Sophie, the Yorkie, absolutely hates my little Sid. She constantly barks and snaps at him, :evil: and he doesn't understand why (being a pup, who would?). We keep them kenneled in the same room, about 3 feet apart. They can see each other while they are crated during the day (about 7 hrs). She doesn't growl or snap at him if she's in her crate and he comes up to the door and sniffs around a bit. It's just when they are out loose together. Is there any way to help Sophie love Sid as much as I do? Other than her interaction with him, she is a very sweet dog. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! :D She also barks all night...I just attribute this to being in a new place. If I don't get sleep soon, I think I'll just pass out!! :drinking:
  11. Has anyone used K9 Advantix? We got some from the vet today. We live behind a wooded area, plus live in Houston (mosquito city), and we felt this was the best comprehensive treatment. Please let me know your experiences with this product, as well as whether you buy from the internet or not. It's 14.95/month at the vet (yikes) because he is still growing....and we can't buy a 4 month pack yet. :lol:
  12. When we got Sid, he had conjunctivitis. The vet gave us terramycin, and it has since cleared up. Is the goo yellow or green? That is what tipped us off.
  13. We switched to Natural Balance. He adjusted with no problem! Thanks for the info again!!
  14. We came from the vet today. We got a clean bill of health! I will look into the probiotics and the yogurt. We do not have any natural food stores that I know of close by, so I'll do some research tonight. We are currently feeding him Natural Balance. I had him on Purina One, simply out of not knowing, but this forum has really helped me out! He switched over with no problem. I'm just glad he is getting great food. When we adopted him he was a skinny 7 lb. At the vet today (1 week later) he weighed 13 lb! The good news is that I have turned a lot of people in my work and social circles to adopting or rescuing pets. It's a great feeling, and if I could afford it, I would have taken them all home!
  15. Happy to report that Mr. Sid is doing MUCH better. We go back to the doctor on Saturday, which I anticipate another round of antibiotics, because he still isn't "well." Thanks for the support!
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