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Have to brag about Nostalgia


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Ok....I have just got to brag about how great my baby-dog is. :oops:

I have never had any problems with her ever taking food out of my childrens hands.
Today my little 1 year old daughter was walking around with a piece of meat in her hand. My daughter was shoving the meat in Nostalgias face and teasing her with it, and all Nostalgia would do is just look away and put her head down.
But Nostalgia would follow her everywhere and hope that something would drop. :lol:
Never did Nostalgia once get her mouth near my daughter while she was eating. Nostalgia would just sniffe the floor as my daughter would go along walking and doing her thing. :P

I am just so very proud of her. And am so very happy to have her as my baby-dog.
Sorry.........I just had to share that story with you all.
Thanks for listening. :D

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Thank you courtnek.
She is still a little shy about having the kids or just anyone (but me), putting their face around hers or sometimes even near hers. :-?
But we are getting better about it. :D And working hard on improving it.
She still has her bitchy days though. :lol:
But we all have those days, so I can't really blame her for wanting to be left alone every once in awhile. :wink:

And yes she is a lab. The best lab I've ever had. :D
Shes my :lilangel:

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