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Raw Diet/BARF Diet


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I just started.
I purchased two books, one from each end of the spectrum - Volhard (very regimented and lots of supplements) and some other book I never remember the name of (very lax - basically just proportions on table food but uses way to much carb for my liking)
I did a lot of research on sample diets on the net.
I got help from a freind who already feeds raw.
I'm roughly estimating but I think we feed this ratio:
raw meat:pured veg:frut:carb:yogurt or cottage cheese
65:15:10:10 max:10 - that's a real rough ratio and I'm just estimating
I give raw shank bones to chew on 2-4x a week and count eggs in my raw meat section and feed whole with shells
I am looking to add a supplement once I have more info - I want one that has bonemeal in it I think.
Good luck.

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Guest Anonymous

I feed my dog in BARFmethod...

She's weight is 18kg.

and in breakefast (08.00-12.00) she's given 80-100 gr cow stomach
(there is four of it in the cow... I dont know what you call it.. :lol: )

in lunch/candy (when we are out in the forest) a banana or some broccoli..

in dinner (18.00-21.00) she's given the same as she eate in the breakfast.. or some chickenwings or lambbones whit meat on..

and I give her some algae, hemovital and hokamix in the food.. in unregular ciycles.

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I have been feeding BARF for all my dogs... I buy organic frozen veggies, organic natural bio Yogurt, fresh meat from a local butcher which I know the cows have been pasture fed...this is one important thing...knowing where your meat comes from... :-? I feed local chickens which have been brought up on a local farm and have not been pumped full of hormones and antibiotics....and the eggs from them. In the summer I pick berries for the dogs and feed them with their yogurt...they get fish also...the fish I never fed raw...I only buy canned Salmon and Sardines and I try to ensure they are wild not farm raised...farm raised fish are full of antibiotics etc...I don't want to defeat the purpose of feeding the raw diet by pumping my dogs system with meat that has raised in inhumane ways and pumped fed non edible items...
I feed a variety of veggies, fruits and meats...I also feed Lamb from the local butcher and the shanks as treats and femur bones from the cows...

Organ meats I only feed once in awhile....same with the fish...only once a week...on Sundays I have detox day where I feed only yogurt and berrys with milk thistle mixed in...
I supplement my dogs diets also....

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I have fed raw for about two months now. Another good book if you're interested is Dr Ian Billinhursts "Give your dog a bone". I do not feed grains. A good basis of ratio's are at least 70% RMBs with 20% Pureed veggies and 10% offal give or take depending on how your dog goes on it, for example, my Boxer gets more RMBs while my Kelpie cross gets a slightly higher ratio of Veggies than the other dogs. I do not supplement with any commercial supplements, just friut, yoghurt, kelp and apple cider vinager. I mostly feed chicken carcass' but think that turkey necks (which are near on impossible to get your hands on) are probably the best rmb's due to their size and bone elasticity, though keep in mind that variety is the spice of life.
Good luck, I suggest that you go to Yahoo groups and join a group called "rawdiet" - they are GREAT there! :D

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