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How many dogs do you have? Do you have a kennel license?


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I wanted to take a poll of the folks here at Dogo to see how many dogs you have. We're moving and in order for us to keep our three dogs in the city that we're moving into, we will be required to obtain a Private Kennel License.

Since we're moving to a larger property with a heated 30' X 40', concrete floored outbuilding and almost two acres of fenced lawn, we're considering adding one or two more canine members to our family when the time is right. Apparently this license will allow us to keep up to six dogs.

Do any of you here at Dogo have a license like this?

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[b][i]I don't have this type of license,since i have only two dogs. One is yorkshire terrier and another one is rescued mixed breed,they both small size.
i would like to have more dogs,doesn't matter small or big,i just love dogs :D And for sure i'll not buy them,i prefer to rescue. But for now it's impossible because i'm living in flat,even that my flat is big i think that it would be not comfortable for bigger dogs here.Also my fiance will not agree to have more dogs in our flat :roll: Anyway in future we are planing to have house with big yard and at this time i would like to have 2 dogs more,maybe more :lol:
This is my two dogs: Pheobe and Luna
And this is Rocky(dog of my fiance parents) we are going for a walk with him and he visit our flat often :D

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Meehs - never heard of this, it must be a city ordinance??
What city are you moving to here in MN?
We have 2 dogs, a yellow lab and a Japanese Spitz puppy
We almost got a chocolate lab puppy - but I think I talked my husband out of it. We are trying to move into the country - then we will probably rescue a couple of bigger dogs, and would love to get a horse or 2!

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Guest Anonymous

I have six, and I don't have to have a kennel license. They did have to know who was altered or not for the rabies certificate, though.

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We're moving to Ham Lake. It is a city ordinance and from what I'm finding out, it's a pretty common one. Legally, you can only have two dogs without having a private kennel license.

Apparently however a lot of people are unaware of it and keep more than two dogs anyway. Also from what I understand, it's an ordinance that's not really enforced unless problems arise or if an inordinate number of dogs are reported at a residence. I had never heard of it either!

Get this: I looked into it and the same ordinance is in effect in Columbia Heights (the city I live in now) and I never knew it! That makes me a fugitive from the law! :evilbat:

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Actually, the animal By-Law in Ottawa states that you can only have up to 3 dogs without a Kennel Licence. For 4 or more dogs, you need your Kennel licence.

Hence, I have 3 dogs :)

[quote name='stacer126']No dog laws here in Canada. I have one Weim now but I do hope to have more. I would like a Vizsla and a R Ridgeback next. That will be in about 2 more years.[/quote]

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