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Agility BRAGS for Candy


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Partly why, ok mostly why I've been too busy lately is that I was practicing and practicing with Candy for the UKC Agility trials we attended this past weekend.
Had a great time, mixed results but overall I am quite pleased and of course eager to do more!
Ran her a total of 8 times, we qualified in all of our runs. A perfect score is 200, we had [color=red][size=6]3![/size][/color] perfect scores, a 198, two 196's and two 194's. The score of 198 was a pleasant surprise, I had thought the judge would have taken a couple more points from us but we got lucky!
We got two 2nd place ribbons, 1 third and 1 fourth. In her BEST run of the weekend, we missed getting 1st place by LESS THAN 1/2 second! Our time was 42.51 seconds, the 1st place winner did it in 42.08. A blink of the eye!
We are working towards her Agility Champion title, we must accumulate 100 pts to get that. We collected 36 points this weekend, already had 6 so now have 42. I was rather hoping to get to the 1/2 mark at least but there are always other opportunities. It's the perfect runs that get you there the quickest, you earn 10 pts for a score of 200. Score 199=6 pts, 198=4, 197=2, and 196=1. Anything lower, no pts!
She ran by a couple of things that caught me off guard, she also ducked UNDER the pause table once. Silly girl!
I hope to snap a photo later of her with her ribbons and I'll put that up later.
Now it's time to play catch up, catch up the laundry, the dishes, the vacuuming. sigh.....

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