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Collie or Koolie?

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Guest Anonymous

For some time now, I've been wondering... what's the difference when people say a "Border Collie" or a "Border Koolie"? Is it sorta like "Color" and "Colour" just depends on where you are, how it's pronounced, or is there an acutal difference? I know/knew someone here who use to say "koolie" (quite frank, I like it better, sounds neat! LOL), but my friend told me before that there IS a difference!
(I bet workingkoolies can help me on this one! LOL)

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I am pretty sure they are two different dogs - though probably kind of similar. When I received a reply from Working Koolie saying they had 5 Koolies I didn't know what they were so went and looked them up and from what I can gather are a different breed from Border Collies.

I can't tell you the differences though - best to wait for working koolie to reply :D

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The Koolie

It is broadly believed that the Koolie's foundations are from the smooth coated Collie. Records show that a Mr. Thomas Simpson Hall from the Hunter Valley imported a pair of smooth coated Collie's in the 1840's.

Reference to the Koolie breed can be found in many books which cover the Australian working dogs, such as "The Complete book of Australian Dogs" by "Angela Sanderson", "The Border Collie in Australasia" by Peidje Vidler and "Dogs of Australia" by Mr.J.Beilby just to name a few.

Beilby mentions in his book that as early as 1896 that blue merle Collie's in Australia were known as German Coolie's.

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Guest Anonymous

Looks kina like an Aussie!

This pic is soooo cute:


This one looks pretty cool... the coat looks very interesting!

but this one looks most like an Aussie...

actually, (in these pics) looks maybe like an Aussie + ACD! Very neat looking!

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Hi Hazel ,
There is a difference between a collie and coolie/koolie . The koolie orginated with a merle colored b/collie it is not found any where else except Australia (here we have records dating back to 180 yrs ago) .When Australia was first settled there were many immigrants and they tended to live in the same areas as immigrants from their homelands. German people were considered lower class (as well as asians and italians ect ) and the germans liked the merle colored b/collies and started their own strains thus forming the german coolies as they were originally called .They were called german because the germans bred them and the coolie/koolie is either due to the german accent or some people think it is because koolie is a term for lowest worker eg slave worker I personal have a german friend and I asked her what collie would soundlike with an accent and it was spot on . The name was changed as there is no c in the german language and the german part was dropped because it is an Australian breed and it caused confussion .
The Australian sheperd is believed to have koolie blood as part of its origins (two dogs were believed to have been imported from australia with a flock of merinos) .The Americans then added lassie blood which gave it the shorter snout and thicker coat I could tell you about the bob tail but thats an even longer story :-? So in a big circle the b/collie , koolies and aussies have come . You will notice with the pictures that there is a great variety in koolies this is because they have been outcrossed at times .Its only in the last 40 yrs they have been kept as pets so they pretty much all retain working ablity :wink:

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Guest Anonymous

Thanks WK!!! I so didn't know that!
I've been doing a lot of research on the breed (now that I discovered that it IS one! :lol: ) they're so cool!!! I would LOVE to get one for school when I move out (I was GUNA get a BC, but I've taken quite the liking to the Koolie now :wink: ). I found one guy in Victoria that breeds them though! :o They seem to be really just in Australia! I contacted a breeder in Aus. too and he said if he comes across any here in Canada he'd let me know :D
I think it would be pretty fun too, cuz I could be all "yeah, I have a Border Collie, and a Koolie" :lol: People would be like "what?!" LOL
They seem like really great dogs though! I printed out a bunch of info and pics of them, and put it in my "breed binder".
I would LOVE to hear about the bob tail story too, so if you feel like it, and have the time, e-mail me ([email protected]) if ya want to!

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