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  1. I don't think that the eye color relates to the breed, but I'm not sure. Here's a article (don't have time to read it all right now). [url]http://netpet.batw.net/genetics/dog.i.color.html[/url] [quote]Terrile Schukraft, a Siberian Huskey breeder who is active in Siberian rescue, would like to add: All blue-eyed dogs do not necessarily have Siberian husky blood in them, although many veterinarians and shelter personnel will identify blue-eyed mixed breeds as Siberian crosses. There are several other breeds that may have blue or split eyes - Dalmatians, collies, Shetland sheepdogs, harlequin Great Danes, Australian shepherds and Australian cattle dogs are examples that come to mind. [/quote]
  2. yellowlabsrule


    Are you talking about dock dogs or big air diving??? If so, here is the website: [url]http://www.dockdogs.com/[/url]
  3. Nobody's said this yet...I hope that doesn't mean I'm out of my mind :o but does anyone else see a hint of chow, lab, and/or golden?
  4. 31 breeds!!!! Oh and how about the Rare Breeds & mixed breeds, SPECIALS category?!!! Did you see the prices on the english and french bulldogs! From $1,250 to $2,500 :o
  5. Look at this Lab! [img]http://www.wizardofclaws.com/lab2_small.jpg[/img] It looks just like my sisters lab/golden cross who is as big as a great dane! And the price: $750 :o :x When I was looking for a lab puppy, I talked to a wonderful breeder with CH dogs and her price was only $800! :x
  6. [size=6][color=red]AWESOME! YOU MUST BE THE BEST CHEERER!![/color][/size] That's great that you're going to have him do obediece. :D
  7. I think I know how to train that, but I was wonder what words do you mushers use? Gee & Haw? Or something else? (I always get those two mixed up :oops: :-? )
  8. Well, a lady in our agility club has a deaf aussie and is trying to do agility with him. I never heard how it went as the only thing I heard before I left is that she was going to put him in obedience first. Does Cody already know basic obedience and hand signals to go with it? If so, I think you could train him to do both agility and flyball. I don't really think flyball should be that hard to train him, as the dog pretty much does it by himself. Agility on the other hand, will be more challenging, as the dog usually knows which obstacle to go to in a word command. You would probably have to always be next to him or in front, so he could see you. I would also think that he would be trained to be looking for your signal. I'm not sure, but that's my best guess. I also bet there might be a book or two about agility with deaf dogs. Hope you can do it! Keep us updated!
  9. Well, here's what happens when you take my dog Winnie's ears, and put them on my other dog, Sable! :lol: (sorry it's so messy, it was pretty hard to do!) [url]http://community.webshots.com/scripts/editPhotos.fcgi?action=showMyPhoto&albumID=71399754&photoID=88763374&security=BMXpru[/url]
  10. We are going to...maybe tomorrow. :( I'm glad I found it though.
  11. Oh how horrible! :o I'm so sorry :cry:
  12. Please if you have any idea about this post ASAP. I am really freaked out as our previous dog died of cancer. A few minutes ago, I found a weird growth on Winnie. At first I thought it was a tick, but it looks like part of her skin just turned into a bag or something? Could it be an absess? But why? It is on her chest by her left leg. It is pretty little, smaller than a pea. Does anyone have any idea? I'm really scared. :cry:
  13. :o :x :cry: Those poor, poor dogs!!! I would like to adopt a greyhound when I get my own house, but I might not have room. :(
  14. NOT FAIR! You get an awesome agility event, AND you actually have someone on dogo who lives CLOSE TO YOU!!!!!???!!! :(
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