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It sounds interesting. If you want to do any agility with Winnie it might be well worth it. If I remember correctly, you've said you don't jump Winnie very much or very high, if you can choose the jump height fine.
Without knowing more details it's hard to say a definite yes or no. This agility club, is there an instructor? Professionally made safe equipment? Proper surface? On the surface, $10 a month is a very good low price for agility instruction and practice. If just practice amongst friends twice a month for $10 is good. I will say again tho, the equipment MUST be built and maintained to be sturdy and safe. Always test contact equipment for stability before your dog gets on it.
Recently in JFF agility, most others had already walked the course prior to running their dogs. I had been delayed so was walking it by myself. They were ready to start, calling for the first dog to be on the line. I said hold on just a minute! The dogwalk was NOT on level ground, it was slightly leaning and unstable. We fixed it THEN let our dogs run. It's a VERY GOOD habit to get into, whether you are just practicing or running your dog in a trial.

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I'm an agility instructor for a club called Canine Capers. [url]www.caninecappersagility.com[/url] Our classes run for six week sessions, one lesson per week and cost $72 for the session. We are the only non-profit agility club in Georgia and our fees are somewhat lower than other clubs.

Because of that, I would tend to think that $10 per month is more in line with a group of folks getting together to practice together as opposed to formal classes. That's great, just do take the advise Carol gave you to heart. It was excellent advise!

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[quote name='eggrolyn1223']This is kind of off topic:
Isn't there an agility club in Richardson, Texas?My mom said if there was a place not too far from our place(in US), I could take Duck there when I go back next year.. :)[/quote]

If you're interested in an agility club, you may searh for a local one on Clean Run's website. [url]www.cleanrun.com[/url] Clean run publishes the only monthly agility magazine in the US.

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[quote name='Annushka']I'm lucky! In Russia we don't pay for agility classes :D[/quote]
:lol: LOL! :lol:

Yellowlabs:Well Since you get to go 3 times to see if you like it, I think you should go anyways, see what its like, then make your final desicion based on good points vs. bad points!(aka: pros and cons)
But it's up to you in the end! Whatever you choose, were by your side 100% :wink:

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