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How did you get your dog(s)


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Lets share stories!

My brother and his friend were fishing down by the ferry boat, about 2-3 miles away. They rode their bikes up there. And they found a dog wondering around. I'm not sure if they asked around or not the owners, but they had the dog follow them home on their bikes. I know, Scary! So they basically stole him, instead of left him there. They were there a lot and nobody went looking for him :(

Anyways the kid got to keep the dog for a couple days until his mom decided one dog was enough. I never met the dog but me and my bro begged my mom for him she said no..our last dog had just died. So we figured if we had any chance of getting this dog we had to go straight to bug my dad. And finally he agreed. And that's how we got Smokie. He was about 1 years old and we've been blessed to get such a great dog.

I personally think he was left outside all the time and kind of abused, even though he knew basic commands. I assume that just by the way he acted. Anyways hope I don't get scorned too much. :lol: No matter how we got him, I think he was meant to be with us.

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I typed a reply earlier and got that stupid gateway time out thing. :evil:

I got Kes last May. For nearly 9 years I trained and handled and competed at the top with a Border collie called Meg who belonged to other people close by my house. Everyone here wh is a regular on the board knows Meg. A dispute ended that and I was heartbroken and was just so sad and lost over 14 lbs with the stress. I asked for my own puppy and my parents sai no and that they didn't want another dog in the house (at the time we had our family Golden Retriever called Zoe who sadly passed away only a few months ago). Mum seen I was devastated and said it hurt her heart and she gave her permission. Dad was still standing his ground. I wrote him a letter before I went for a 2 week trip to texas in April explaining why I had to go against him and get my own dog.

I came back from Texas and a few days later he was in England visiting one of my sisters at uni and I got news of a litter born to great working parents.

I drove over 2 hours to go see the litter with my friend and had the pick of the litter. She was the most forward biggest bitch pup of the litter and she was beautiful. :D I tok her home that night at the age of 6 and a half weeks. Dad came home the next day and he was able to ignore her for maybe about a day and he melted :wink: . He loves her to bits and he knows that I had to go get her.

Her Kennel club registered name reflects her story too : "Run the risk at Tudor Rose", because it was a risk that night going against my Dad but it was something I had to just do.

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My first dog, Cindy, was tied to a post along the Autobahn in Germany at the ripe young age of 3 months. From there she was put in a shelter, where I adopted her from at age 8 months. I had a rough three years with her, and after that, she was the best dog I ever had. (Doberman-Shepherd-Bernese-Mix)
My wirehair dachsigirl was a Christmas present from my father, and she was quite stubborn and hunt-driven, but a real sweetheart. I got to pick her up at a breeders place near Freiburg, Germany.
Kelsie was a Dobie-Shepherd Mix who was sitting on death-row in a local kill-shelter at age 8 months. I got her out of there just in time and rehabbed her for two years. She was one of those dogs who were in the wrong hands and was brought up as wrong as you can bring up a dog.
She was not suitable for a suburban lifestyle, and so I took her up to Minnesota where she lives now with a friend of mine on a big horse-farm. That dog was not meant to be on a leash. She would have made one heck of a tracking/detection dog with all that drive she had.
Giaco was my Standard Poodle boy, who died this year of cancer at age 8. I got him through rescue who referred me to a breeder who wanted to "get rid of him". I paid a lot of money to get him out of there, and the grand total in medical bills I paid for this dog through the years approached easily the $ 25 000 mark. At the end he did lose the fight , and I will never get over him............ He was way to sweet to have to die that young.
Daytona, my Dane, is a retired show-dog I took over from a friend of mine who breeds danes. He came to our house at age 2 and has been here ever since. (He's almost 7 now)
Tessa I got from a breeder, because rescue would not let me have a dog because of my "old man Daytona", who is not neutered. A friend of mine owns her father, and since I've known him since he was a puppy, I pretty much knew what I was getting. :wink: (So far she hasn't disappointed me in the least.)
Well - and then there are the occasional houseguests staying with us. Mostly Danes, Beagles, Dachsis and "whatever". :lol:

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It was Internet dating for all three of mine.

I moved back home to take care of my dad when he was dying of cancer. He had always been a huge dog lover (we always had dogs in our family growing up), and it's a big house with a big fenced yard. So I started looking on Petfinder.com for a Golden Retriever. I saw Jackie's picture and immediately fell in love. They listed her as a 1-1/2 year old Golden mix (maybe with German Shepherd and Collie). She had been rescued from the pound so there was no background on her. My dad, brother and I went to meet Jackie and we all fell in love. They were calling her Ashley, but that name just didn't do it for any of us. So I named her Jackie, after my last Golden named Crackerjack. As depressed as my dad was at the end, Jackie made him laugh out loud just by being a goofy dog. She helped my dad at the end, and she helped me get through losing him. Here's Jackie's Petfinder.com picture:

Then I decided Jackie needed another dog for company, so I started looking at Petfinder.com again and found Maya, a 1-1/2 year old Golden/Husky mix who was an owner-surrender. I took Jackie to meet her at her foster home and they hit it off right from the start. So six months after I adopted Jackie, Maya joined our family. Here's Maya's Petfinder.com picture:

I always check out Petfinder.com (it's like an addiction for me; I can't stop!). For about six months I had seen an adorable mini-Jackie named Pooh Bear on the website for the shelter I had adopted Jackie and Maya from. He would be off the site for a while and then he would be back. Every time I saw him my heart just melted. After he showed up there for about the 4th time, I decided he was meant to be mine. So I took Jackie and Maya over to meet Pooh Bear at his foster home and they all got along famously. Pooh Bear was even grooming their ears while we were there. The next day I went to pick up Pooh Bear and take him home. He was SOOOOO excited when he saw me come to get him! The first day home he started limping and it was discovered that he had hip dysplasia. So a month after I adopted him, he had FHO surgery. He's made a complete recovery and is a happy, healthy, active boy. I can't find Pooh Bear's Petfinder.com picture, but here's one of the first pictures I took of him.

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Guest Anonymous

Starting with the oldest

Cindy- Approx 13 yo Chi mix - The week before Hurricane Katrina hit our area hubby and I had just had the discussion about not adding any more animals. Well that same weekend we wakled into the Feed store where I did cat adoptions out of and I run into some friends who run a Chi rescue. They had this little old girl who is rather funny looking, going blind, bad skin, chronic bacterial ear infections and a heart murmur so the vet won't fix her (I've had a second opinion that agreed with the first). I looked at hubby and mouthed NO WAY! I don't want to deal with the issues. Well after actually meeting her and having her meet the kids and having hubby stand there for 15 minutes telling me it was okay I was beat! She was already following me around with out a leash (foster mom put her down to walk around) and didn't care for hubby...PERFECT DOG! A dog that loves me more than anyone else. I'm glad I didn't turn her away and say no. During the Katrina garbage and the stay at my in laws she was always at my side, rode in my lap while I drove and curled up under my chin at night. Now she did bite AJ once and she can be snarly when her ear is bothering her but we keep the kids carfully away from her when she isn't feeling well and it works well. Except for when Mac bull dozes her.

CJ- 11 yo (soon to be 12) Pom. This is actually kind of sad. 12 years ago I was pregnant with my oldest son and found out he was a he. My dad was PISSED I was having a boy. My dad has always been of the mindset that children should grow up with dogs (we had plenty then so that excuse was out) so he went and looked at some Pom puppies. My mom and sister wanted the little girl. They got the boy. They got the boy for my sister, they named him Charlene's Joke. Well my parents kept him until her was 4 years and then he went to my for 3 years and during her second pregnancy and developed some weird skin condition along with other health issues. Her husband (who didn't grow up with dogs) blamed it on CJ and things got tense between them because of him. They asked me to take him and we did. He still visits with both my parents and sister as much as possible.

Bobbie- 8 yo Aussie/Lab mix- Bobbie was orginally given to my mom by a friend of a friend. When I got married in 01 I brought my son's chow/shep mix with me. With in two days mom was complaining that Bobbie wouldn't eat and was depressed. I put it off because I am not real big on her. Don't ask why I lived with her for a couple of years but I KNEW she was a mans dog. My parents KNEW we were looking for a dog for Jeremy and my parents talked straight to Jeremy and not to me. Next thing I know I get a phone call asking me to meet Jeremy at my parents. SHINY SMURF! Okay so she comes home. She and I don't bite or bark at each other we also don't go out of our way to love on each other.

Belle- Approx 6 year old Beagle. This one is rather short. May of 2001 I was dropping James off at school when I saw some kids beating this little Beagle so I stepped in and brought her home (Trust me the kids at the school got in plenty of trouble). She was covered in fleas, hairless and wormy. I vetted her, fixed her, ran ads for her owners and no one every called. SO here she stays.

Mac 1.5 years to 2 year old Mutt- Last August a friend asked us to place a puppy she found. So we brought him here and James fell in love with him so he never left.

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We got Carse from Mid Atlantic English Springer Spaniel Rescue (aka- MAESSR). After Mocha died, we knew that we wanted another Springer. We fell in love with the breed. Our house wasnt the same without the lil jingleing of tags. We emailed MAESSR and told them that we were looking, and all that fun stuff. About two months later, we got an email about him. Two days later, we drove to West Virginia to pick him up, sight unseen. They told us he had energy.. but we werent quite expecting it to the full extent that we got. :o The first time I saw him, and we sat down with his foster family, he jumped up on the bench and layed down in my lap. I was hooked.. We werent prepared to have a dog so high strung and high energy.. so we've had to adjust to that. He's much much much more of a puppy then any of us wanted, but we were hooked the first night. We had to do alot of work with him to teach him house manners, his foster family had him housetrained, but that was about it. :lol: He was alot alot alot alot of work.. When we were trying to get him to sleep the first night.. I was panicked. I thought he wasnt going to love us.. or like us.. I thought he hated me. We ended up sleeping around his crate so he could get to sleep. Three hours of him whining and barking cracked us. :oops: :lol:

I'm gonna tell about the cats too.. just because.. Iunno.. they're close enough to dogs. :lol: :lol:

Schnickle and Fritz -- When I was 3, my mom said that when I got potty-trained, then I could get a cat. I was three. When I got 30 stars (pee's :D ) and 15 teddy bears (poo's :D ) I could get a cat. So I drank shitloads of water, and within about three weeks I had that, and more.. :lol: :lol: So we piled into the car, and drove over to the shelter. We saw a few that we liked, but then we saw the cage with Fritz and Schnick in it. I saw Schickle and I fell in love.. My mom bent down to look in the cage, and Fritz climbed up around her neck. We fought for 20 mins over which to get.. we ended up getting both. All their litter mates were adopted, and we couldnt just leave one there all alone. I know, we're suckers...

Nikki -- I'd been feeling really alone since Mocha died, and Carse bonded with my Dad. Plus, I'd been wanting another cat for awhile. Fritz and Schick are gettin older (they're 11.. :o ) and they need some new energy in their lives. We went off to the shelter after school one day, and saw a lil grey ball of fluff sittin all alone in a cage. Our number 1 rule was that we wouldnt take a baby away from her litter, if there were only two left. Number 2 rule - had to be a female, otherwise Fritz wouldnt be happy. We filled out the app. that day, and got her about 4 days later. She's perfect. Insane, crazy, ADD, has identity issues, but she's my baby. She reminds me so much of Mocha.. she just fits so well in our family.

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Gypsy I got from my aunt a few days after my dad died. They had found her (all one and a half pounds) in a dumpster. (!)
Toby belonged to a friend of mine. They had him two years, and her kids were not kind to him. So they asked me to take him.
Christobel was running down a highway. I had seen her around the neighborhood for a couple weeks, so I knew she was homeless. I threw on the brakes, coaxed her in my car, and kept her...but that's a whole other story.
Sandy i got when I was ten years old. I still have her. She's been with me through everything...my baby girl.

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