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Well I was looking at the dog's cabinet yesterday and realized how much I have learned over the years about what to use for everyday remedies. So here is a list, and I hope it helps you!

Allergies, itchy skin, hot spots: Benadryl, 1 mg/pound (thanks, D.O.!)
Hot spots, insect bites: Gold Bond Triple Action Medicated Powder
Cuts, abrasions: Peroxide, Neosporin
Diarrhea: Immodium, one adult tablet, also instant white rice.
Chronic stomach problems: plain yogurt, 1 tsp. with each meal
Chronic urinary problems: cranberry extract supplement, 1 tablet with each meal
Pain associated with arthritis: buffered aspirin, one
Dry, dull skin/coat: olive oil, 1 tsp. with each meal

***this list is intended for informational purposes only; none of these statements are intended to substitute for the advice of a veterinarian and you should ALWAYS talk to your veterinarian about your particular dog's needs***

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The Cranberry & the Ester C has dramticly elimnated the UTI problems Sassy was haveing.. Before I started that, she still had UTI's even when on the Hills SD prescription crap.. They told me her diet was causeing the problem. Bull.. I'm curentlly feeding Chicken Soup for the soul food & she's loveing it..

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