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The Dog Food Project has been updated.


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[quote name='TDG']raven, yes, i did all the work myself.

and thanks for the offer, but i don't need help translating - i'm german! :)[/quote]

I almost thought so! :D Gute Arbeit! Ich kann die Informationen wirklich brauchen, da wir gerade von Purina One (nicht schimpfen) auf ein anderes Futter umstellen (momentan sind wir bei Innova Evo). :drinking:

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raven, nichts zu danken. gern geschehen! :)

back to english, so nobody feels left out :D

thanks for the compliments, it always makes me really happy to hear people like the site. not everyone may agree with all my points of view on dog food, but at least it's a place where info is available from an unbiased source and people can take away what they find useful.

and if anyone ever has a specific question, please do feel free to contact me directly, i don't always manage to keep up with all the forums i visit, but i regularly check my email.

as far as dog food goes, there has been another update today, canidae slightly changed their existing formulas and a new, limited chicken & rice formula will be available soon.

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