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My absolutely fabulous groomer is recovering from surgery and on the DL indefinitely. So I took Sasha to someone else. Who called me yelling about how she was going to have to shave her whole coat becasue she had mats behind her ears (she ALWAYS has mats behind her ears, she and Taz wrestle by grabbing each other around the neck, etc., this is why i take her to a professional, although i use the term loosely here). I went up there and convinced her otherwise. then she said that i don't understand the maintenance of this kind of dog and she needs to be bathed every eight weeks (this sounds like alot to me). My absolutely fabulous groomer never said anything of the sort and could handle Sasha's coat no matter what. Anyways. I was a little upset and put off by the whole experience. Is that overreacting?

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sounds like a crazy groomer

most long haired dogs get mats behind their ears if those spots arent brushed daily, its very easy to cut the mats out.

shaving the whole dog because of mats behind the ears in absurd(sp??)

and bathing 8 week is not *too* much but i personally dont recommend it unless the dog gets very dirty, my dogs get 2 or 3 baths a year, more if they roll in something or get muddy..but dogs really dont need baths all that often...

i recommend finding another groomer

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Thanks! I didn't THINK I was being crazy, but who knows, right? I was so stunned by her attitude that I burst into tears.
I am, however, going to have a go at her ears every day, rather than once a week. She never stinks, either, so i had been keeping her baths to 2-3 times a year.
I am scared to take my other dogs to this woman, lest i 1)get yelled at again or 2) end up with a bald dog!

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a bathe every 8 weeks is not too often. I have a customer with a Samoyed who comes in every 4 weeks, and still takes me a long time to do, I can't imagine what he'd look like if he came in every 8 weeks! :lol:

A warm bath helps get out loose undercoat. Shaving the whole dog just because of mats behind the ears doesnt sound right at all, are you sure there where no mats anywhere else on the body?

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I don't think 8 weeks is too often but if they don't stink why would you?
Kavik also gets mats behind his ears once in a while, I snip them out myself, no one notices and I don't have to fuss with it.
Woman is probably just oversensitive due to the number of actually neglected dogs she sees in her line of work. Don't worry about it but maybe find another groomer.

I have to go start a bathing thread now because you have me thinking.

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