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There must be a use for all this extra dog hair!


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I spent two hours grooming Jackie and Maya tonight (one hour each). Jackie and Maya are both shedding, but especially Jackie. You would think there would be some use for all this extra dog hair! Maybe I can make a new dog out of all the hair.

I can't figure out why Pooh Bear was so full of mats when I adopted him. He had one huge mat behind each ear that looked like extra ears. And the back of his butt was so matted that when I took him to the groomer, they had to shave the back of his butt and shaved off his extra ears. Since I've had him he's never gotten mats and hasn't shed much at all yet. He never needs more than a quick groom.

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[quote name='BuddysMom']Actually you can stuff it all into netting to make a ball, annd then hang this from a tree in early spring. The birds will take it to line their nests.[/quote]

That's a great idea! I live in a VERY wooded area so there are lots of birds.

Do you think maybe all the squirrels would eat the dog hair and die? I could only hope (just kidding).

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