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I'm so excited!!! Look what I have been up to!


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I am baking and selling Gourmet Dog Treats, and I had to show you guys.

Here is the link to my ebay store. Make sure you view all three pages (on the left hand side) to see my "official taste-testers"


My three are loving it!! They get all the leftovers :wink:

Let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas for me!!

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[quote]Wow, it looks great! But I must admit, at first I thought the Soft Carob Pretzels was dog poo... [/quote] :oops: :lol:

DO, That's not the first time I heard that :roll: Let me tell you though, they don't taste like poo :lol:

Thanks Behle!

I think the best part is that I donate to local shelters. It is a win-win situation!!

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Thanks guys :wink:
I'm going to try out "Jake's Cakes" too with edible muffin papers :D

I[color=blue] got a call from a local animal rescue and we are going to work together. I am going to sell some of their merchandise and they are going to sell some of mine! (This is because I am donating to them!) I think this is going to work out so well :D [/color]

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