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yet another sad story.


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i was watching Miami animal precinct last week and they got a call about a dog being abandoned, when they confronted the women she said yes she did abandon the dog, it had been making a mess of her verandah and she was sick of the thing. she had shoved it in the boot of her car and dumped it but was spotted putting it in her car by a couple of kids who reported her.

when the officer told her that in America dogs are treated almost like people she gave him a discusted look and said, 'it's only a dog, it's not like it's my daughter or something' the officer told her it was just like dumping her daughter in the middle of no-where but this women had no love for animals at all, they were nothing to her.

The officer asked her to drive to the spot where she dumped the dog so they could follow her and try to find it, that was a drama for her too because she just went for a drive and couldn't be bothered doing it again, luckily they convinced her and they left to find the dog.

They came to a deserted factory aria and found the dog wandering on the side of the road with about four meters of rope still around it's neck, it was so badly matted that it had trouble walking and when it saw the woman it tried to run up to her but she pushed it away like it had some sort of disease, i can not believe how cold this woman was :( and the look on the dogs face, all it wanted was to be loved and this is how it was treated :cry: :cry:

it made me so mad that someone could behave this way, i swear, she wouldn't have wanted me to be there because there would have been hell to pay :evilbat:

in the end, they took the dog back to their base and got it neutered, clipped, washed and vaccinated, it did get a home but the couple couldn't keep it because the man was severly allergic, after they brought it back it got another home with a very rich couple, these guys had a yaght, a mansion and you could tell they loved the dog sooo much, the couple that first adopted the dog felt bad and in return for not being able to keep it put it in comercials for pet products so now the dog not only has a great home but is a star too, not a bad ending for a dog treated so badly :)

just had to share


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It never ceases to amaze me how animals can still love after their owners have been so horrid to them. I've been involved in court cases for animals cruelty before and i remember several years ago a little lurcher who came in very badly beaten and neglected. The uspca found the dog in time...she was suspended by a rope from a tree but thankfully a passer by had called immediately. In the court room that little dog heard her masters voice when we brought her in for evidence and she strained hard to go to him. I mean she was really pulling on her lead and yipping and whining to get to him. He betrayed her but yet she still loved him. To me thats so very sad.

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i saw the end of animal cops detroit last nite and there was this sweet little shep x that i thought for sure would be adopted but he failed the food bowl test. they put him down.
i have a food-aggressive dog (sash). we feed her in her crate, end of story. it made me mad because these two dumb chicks wouldn't even consider him an only-dog, special-needs adoption, or try to get him some rehab. he was so sweet, looked a little like taz in the face. i was in tears by the end.
I would totally adopt a dog like that.

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[quote]In the court room that little dog heard her masters voice when we brought her in for evidence and she strained hard to go to him. I mean she was really pulling on her lead and yipping and whining to get to him. He betrayed her but yet she still loved him. To me thats so very sad.[/quote]

That's one thing i will never understand about dogs, they are so loyal that even after being treated so badly they want to be with their owner, it is very sad and i always cry when watching these shows.

the aspca have a no kill policy, once a rotti bit a trainer twice and they still trained him up and got him a home :o

they are very good and i love watching the bad guys get theirs but it always makes me sad how so many people can be so damn cruel.

i wish we had an aspca in Australia.

[quote]oy. i can't even watch those shows any more. [/quote]

i don't know why i watch them sometimes because i'm always crying my eye's out, i guess it's good to see people who abuse animals put away, it makes it easier to watch.

[quote]I'm surprised the original owner didn't sue for some of the monies made in commercials..........

Glad the poor little dog got a 2nd lease on life !!


They could have later i suppose when filming stopped but i think the woman got off lightly and wouldn't want to risk bringing attention to herself again.

i'm just gald the dog is okay now :)


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In response to pyrless with the food-aggressive dog:

I also have a food-aggressive dog. He is fed separately from my other two dogs. I was told that he came from a home with two dogs that did not like him and kept stealing his food.

I just know, as everyone in my house does, that you don't go near him while he's eating. But isn't that what we've always heard anyway, not to bother a dog while he's eating or sleeping.

I will say that I have a lab/border collie mix and I could stick my entire face in his bowl and he would just eat around my face. :)

All three of my dogs have issues of their own and I always say that if other people owned my dogs they may have wound up back at a shelter, and that none of them would be adopted out according to what I see on those animal cops shows.

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