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  1. now they just need to make some aussie one's like john howard and pauline hanson :lol: too funny
  2. seriously, just go here [url]http://politicalpettoys.com/html_pages/home.html[/url] :lol:
  3. The doodle thing really urks me too and i don't really know why, i do love all dogs but put poo or doodle on the end and it just seems silly. i was looking up dog breeds the other day to get some reference photo's and came across a huge list along with a tonne of doodles that you couldn't click on yet....the one that really annoyed me was the saint berdoodle....i love saint bernards and can't even begin to imagine why they would want to make a saint berdoodle??
  4. [quote name='FearedDogFan']Did you go to art school? Look at those, Coal! :o You're a very talented artist.[/quote] Thankyou :D no, i'm self taught from books, i did get A+ 's at highschool for art but it wasn't for pet art, mostly is was sketching animals and some pottery work lol. felicia
  5. [quote name='JackieMaya']Wow! Yet another talented Dogo artist! Felicia, your work is just wonderful! I'll definitely have to have you draw my kids sometime![/quote] Thankyou Jackie! I would love to paint your kids :D I finally got my studio up and running, anassa is always in here on the bed, it's a guest room too lol and the cats are always at my feet, it's become their second home because i'm always in here. Thanks again. felicia
  6. Thanks guys! :oops: They were a lot of fun to paint too :D I'm going to do one of my three one day. thanks again. felicia
  7. Hi, i just opened my website for my pet portraits, i also have an ebay listing for them if anyone is interested, my website addie is [url]www.pastelpetportraits.com.au[/url] Thanks! felicia
  8. i don't eat kangaroo meat, i love them way too much :D infact i only eat chicken and seafood. i have heard it's lean and nassa loves it, she especially loves the tails. felicia
  9. congrats on getting Tina :D i don't understand why people get rid of pregnant dogs, i'd be so excited about the puppies, i could never do something like that...i just don't get some people..... felicia
  10. Congrats on getting Leo back :D it seems funny that she would change her story, i would have went off at her (i have a fiery temper at times :evil: ) if that happened to me it would be best for all involved if my husband picked the dog up alone :lol: i think you have been given good advice so far, just act normal and give him space, he's probably upset from being away from his pack, i'm sure he will be fine soon. keep us updated okay :) felicia
  11. [quote name='Mutt_Lady']Go Felicia! Chug, chug, chug! :lol: I think that she wants us to post how we get our dogs' attention. Such as treats, whistles, etc. I'm just guessing though.[/quote] heheh, the best thing is, i don't feel seedy at all this morning, my husbands homebrew doesn't give you a hang over thank goodness :lol: [quote]14 she's just not good at wording stuff sometimes[/quote] okay, now i feel bad :( felicia
  12. [quote name='Mutt_Lady']Couldn't you sit this guy down and talk to him? Maybe he's just a little bit thick and doesn't realize what you're trying to get across. Tell him that you mean business and that if he does it again, he's going to wish he hadn't. Say, "[i]My[/i] dog, [i]my[/i] rules." However, it also sounds to be like he is power-tripping a bit. The classic, "I'm a man, I know how to take care of a dog." If that's how he thinks you take care of a dog, he shouldn't be allowed to own one. He just seems to be very reckless to me. I don't trust him [u]at all[/u]. Keep in mind
  13. sorry about Zoe. my thoughts are with you :( ((((hugs)))) felicia
  14. [quote name='Debbie'][quote name='felicia'][quote name='Freckles']:) how do dogs like to be have alot of attetion well i hope that if you have a puppy you give it a lot of attentin so they never forget you thancks :D[/quote] i think iv'e had one too many beers :lol: :drinking: cos that made no sence whatsoever![/quote] It's only 11am Felicia how many beers have you had ????? :drinking: :lol: :lol:[/quote] oh, it's 11:24pm here, iv'e had four of my husband homebrew, that;s about eight commercial beers :lol: [quote]nah, felicia, you can't chalk this one
  15. LOL then bounds of into the distance, don't know if nass would fit though :lol:
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