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Dog bite... from a neighbors dog

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Well this happened about 2 weeks ago. My mom lives in a trailor park, and there's really no yard at all between the trailor and the road.
Well my mom walked over to a friend's across the way, and on the way back our neighbor's dog ran out and bit her.
We did a police report, got a tetnus shot and contacted animal control. Now how do you ge them to pay for the medical bill (Since my mom has no insurance)??

I still don't get it, they have a little jack russell terrior, and that thing is vicious as can be. If your anywhere in it's vacinty it acts like your the devil and wants to tear you apart. And if the stupid manager wasn't such a something or other, I think the dog should be gotten rid of. And yet he harks about me having Kiani, a sweet dog that likes to catch flies (she prefers bumble bees though). And his only problem with her, is that she's bigger than 25 pounds. (I orginally adopted her from the pound for my brother, but I kept her since he decided to throw a fit.) He's learned to leave me alone, but how can he go unfazed by an event like this, something more should've been done to get this dog out of the park. And it's in the park rules that no dog should bother any one else.

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How much does a tetnus shot cost???

Add the price of a really good corkscrew tieout anchor and a light plasticized metal cable to the price of the tetnus shot and ask them for the money. Then buy the anchor and tieout and give it to them.

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Guest Anonymous

My mom is a lot like my g'mother when it comes to bruising very easily. The bite was maybe a couple inches across and about 4 spots where it tore the skin (but not enough to make it bleed). But the bruise around it is twice the size and it's still sore.
Animal control came out and looked at it and cited them a 525$ ticket for the leash laws. They can go to court to appeal the ticket, and then we would have to go testify. The also took the dog away for 10 days to quarantine it to make sure it doesn't have rabies. It shots are current until 4/20/2006.

Here's what happened. The guy came home just as my mom was walking past. He hopped out of the car and opened up the screen door and the dog just ran right out.
My mom lives in a trailor park, so you know they don't have much money. But if they can't afford to deal with the dog, they shouldn't have trained it that way. And now they have latice lining the screen, and a sign on the door "Beware of Dog".
The owners know the dog is mean, they made him that way, so this isn't a case of an unfortunate event.

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