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I can't believe it's only been seven weeks with Pooh Bear!

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I was looking back through some posts, and I saw the posts about when I first went to meet Pooh Bear, and when he joined my family. I adopted him on April 3. It seems like he's been with us forever! I can't believe I just adopted him seven weeks ago!

I can't even imagine NOT having Pooh Bear in my life! Did I really only have two dogs before? Hmmm, hard to even remember that! The four of us have bonded so much it's just incredible! He loves the girls; the girls love him; he loves me; I love him. We're just one big happy family! I got tears in my eyes reading back on the posts about meeting him, about the bad news about his hips, about his surgery, etc.

Time flies when you're having fun! I love my kids!

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:o ...I really do need to drop in more often. JM I had no idea you'd adopted another dog!! Congrats on the new addition. I just browsed through some of your pic threads...PoohBear is just gorgeous :D He looks like he fits right in with your girls.

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Smooshie, I saw Pooh Bear's picture on Petfinder.com several times. He had been adopted out and returned twice (due to no fault of his own). The last time he showed up on the site I figured he was meant to join my family! He looks like a little Jackie, and the three dogs act like they've been together forever! He's a wonderful little guy.

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