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Hey HF!!!


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Peaches? Oh, I finally killed her. :o

No, really, she's doing great. She could not be better. I think my friend is kind of hurt (and p*ssed) by Peaches' transformation. Peaches hasn't as much as sneered at another of our animals, has been perfectly fine in the house loose all day (no messes, no destruction), doesn't bark non-stop when outside, and is just generally happy as a clam. I tried explaining to my friend that it's not necessarily anything she was doing "wrong" and that there are just some dogs that do better in different environments and not to take it as a personal failure. My friend is gone many more hours of the day than we are and her schedule is so erratic. I honestly think Peaches was just stressed from the lack of structure and predictability. The rescue coordinator did say Peaches has separation anxiety and I reckon it manifested itself at my friend's house. Peaches would poop all over the house, destroy things and bark non-stop. As soon as she was back, she was fine. I don't think it's US as much as she's just more comfortable with a more structured, predictable routine (basically, we have no life). We leave her loose in the house all day while we work and so far haven't come home to any mess or destruction. After I chewed her out for lunging at Perry, she hasn't so much as snarled at another dog (though she is still WAY too interested in my cats :o ).

We can't tell much about whether she's gaining weight yet, but it's only been about a week. We aren't loading her up. My friend was at my house the other day and commented that Peaches still looked skinny to her. I pointed out that it's only been a week. I think my friend is just hurt and p*ssed that I basically accused her of neglect (or at least she perceived it that way).

My husband and I are actually beginning to believe Peaches might not get adopted or if she does, she won't stay long. I just don't know how many people are going to be able to go through a few weeks of barking, chewing, pooping and destruction until she gets settled in. I'm sure people like that are out there, but we aren't running into any of them. Looks like Peaches may be here for a while.

Short version... Peaches is doing great. Thanks for asking about her. :)

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