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Web's Agility class- never been more impressed by him!


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So today Web's agility class started. I've been slightly terrified all day. For no reason it turns out. :roll: Its a small class- 3 other dogs, and 2 instructors. Today only two of the other dogs were there. One was a yellow lab named Rufus, who was 2 months older than Web and about as wild. Then there was a Swedish Vallhund, who was a year old and seemed quite talented.

We started off inside the building and had some introductions and all of that stuff. Web lay under my chair with his head to the floor and whined the entire time. :-? He was wearing his dreaded harness, and there were other dogs tanalizingly close, and it was almost too much for a poor little boy to bear (sp?). After that we took a short walk and he went back to his jaunty self. Then we started! :D

We did regular jumps, long jumps, the table, plain tunnels, and the dog-walk. Webby did great at everything! Of course mainly it was because I had hot dog pieces in my hand that he focused on me and doing the things instead of trying to go play, but that will eventually be able to be lessened (I hope...). I got lots of really helpful tips and suggestions, and Web had a blast. :D AND he was the best one! :D I have a feeling that the small dog will surpass him eventually, but who cares? Webby did fantasticly, WAY above my expectations.

We got a homework too. To teach the dog a trick. And no cheating and showing "old" tricks nex time! :( :lol: I think I'm going to try to teach either crawl or back... But I'm not sure. I want a relatively simple trick thats moderatly challenging, and looks good. Any other suggestions? :)

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Teaching a crawl could come in VERY handy should you ever decide to do UKC agility, in AGII there is a crawl tunnel!
Back is another good one, I've taught that one to all of my dogs. It also is very handy should they crowd you at dinner or treat time!
Congratulations on your class and I'm so glad you and Web had such a good time.

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Those are all good ideas, but Webby knows those tricks allready. Except for jumping through my arms. Last time I tried to teach him that I ended up with a bad headache and a bunch of bruises because he tried to jump over my top arm (didn't work) and then sort of landed on me. I'm a bit worried to try that agian! :o

Crawl is working out sort of, but I doubt it will be done by next Monday. But his "bow" isn't that great, he often confuses it with "down". Do you think it would be cheating to perfect that a bit and then use it...? :roll:

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