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Pepperige Lewis,
July 2002 - September 10th, 2004

I remember the day, more than 2 years ago, when I went to buy my lovely mouse, Pep. The cage was full of mice. But Pep stood out from the rest. She was calm, but still full of curiosity. It took only a few seconds to decide that she was the one.

The next few weeks she lived in a small, plastic cage. I would spend hours sitting with my hand in it, and before long she was tame and enjoyed the attention. Before long though, I realized that she would need the company of another mouse. So in January I got her a friend, Boot. Pep was thrilled. They got to be good friends, but Pep was still very attached to us humans and would love being handled. We had a big scare when one day she was gone from the cage. But she was so tame that she came to me when I put my hand out when she was found a few days later.

The last few months Pep started getting grey. But she was still her curious, sweet self. Then, in the beginning of September, she started acting more stiff. She wouldn't come out as fast to greet me when I came to say hi to her, and moved with stiffer movements. I understood then that it wouldn't be long before she died. It was still a shock though, when one morning she didnt come out. I lifted the house up and there her body lay. She must have died curled up in a pile with her friends. The evening before she was herself- just a few hours later she was gone.

Pep was a special mouse. She was the sweetest, most beautiful little creature. We all miss her. She will never be forgotten.

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