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Please email the attorney general of Ontario and tell him you do not feel a ban on pit bulls is the right course of action. This is a proposed PROVINCE WIDE BAN! Not just in my city. We thought if they banned them in our city we could just move. Well not in this case. This would be province wide, and we would have no where to go!

In an article published today, Attorney General Bryant stated he received over 1000 emails yesterday alone, and almost all were supporting a ban. Please send in your thoughts. It does not have to be long, just enought to say you do not support this ban.
Thank you,

A very stressed out Kara

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I'm so sorry Kara! I emailed yesterday...hope it helps make a difference :( My husband and I were just talking the other day about the possibility of moving back up there to London or T.O. but with all this going on I don't think I want to....if they will enforce a breed ban on Pitbulls....what will stop them from targeting [i]any[/i] breed??? :-?

Fingers and Paws crossed here that the province keeps a level head and does the right thing...

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I know its unpopular but I do not oppose limited BSL. Things like regulating WHO can breed and own APBTs and ASTs, special regulations regarding containment of these dogs etc. Of course I also think that enforcing the existing leash laws would help. I DO NOT however support BSL that rips doggies out of their homes, euthanizes good dogs or other draconian measures. I have already emailed Mr. Bryant and advised him of the difficulties of a breed ban and encouraged him to do his research.
I have also posed the question of what he will do when:
Rotties, Cano Corsos, Fila Brasiliero, Dogo Argentinai etc become the next target for badboy rotten owners and if they ban these dogs what they weill do when it is Mastiffes, Bulldogs and Danes, and then what they will do when it is GSDs, Labs and Standerd Schnauzers, and then what they will do when it is Golden Retrievers and Standerd Poodles etc. etc. etc.

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I emiled him, And give him a ton of reaseons why this is so wrong. JUST because some pitbulls are abused and breed to fight with the neighbors dogs in old abandond garages and houses and that makes them mean, doesnt mean all pit bulls are that way! Ive met lots that were sweeter than any other dog. I mean like somone else said next he could go after any other breed. I told him that if he did this he would be forcing many many MANY good people to move over a stupid decision like a dog. I mean LOTS of dogs are agressive, or fighters and they cant help it!! If we don't fight back, hell ban all dogs in general very soon.he will..

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Maybe all is not lost after all :D



Sep. 2, 2004. 01:00 AM
Pit bull Fred, front, frolics with George, owners Darlene Reid, left, and Taja Reid, and American Eskimo dog Sydney. Darlene Reid says strangers have attacked her dogs.


You'd think killer sharks were swimming in our streets, the way the media and some people are carrying on about pit bulls.

Meanwhile, responsible owners of thousands of sweet and gentle dogs are feeling the bite.

"Every time pit bull owners go out with their dogs, they face public relations disasters," explains Kristine Crawford, a Palo Alto search and rescue pro with three pits who also work with terminally ill children. (See [url]http://www.forpitssake.org[/url].)

Take Toronto's Darlene Reid.

She walks my American Eskimo Sydney with her powerful pits, George and Fred. I don't fear for Syd, who has "the boys" by their cut-off cojones. As for them and me, well, let's just say there's been licking.

But now, Reid is more afraid for her dogs than we should be of them. Last Sunday while walking George and Fred near their Riverdale home, Darlene and her daughter were assaulted by two men.

It's just the latest attack. Two years ago, while the dogs were tethered outside a Danforth caf

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