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Need Spay & Neuter Info!

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Taxes & Death

How much is it costing you???

We are killing somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 healthy, homeless animals every 60 seconds in America. Whether you have much empathy for the animals or not is pretty much irrelevant. Just take a hard look at the tax dollars/manpower resources it takes to trap/quarter/kill them (33,000 animals X $40.00 per day in Dallas, Texas alone during fiscal year 1997 equals $1,584,000.) Look at the damage/harm the strays cost us in traffic accidents, the cost of scraping their bodies off the highways & roadways of our cities, the physical harm (bites, diseases spread), and even livestock losses (packs of feral dogs) they eventually cause when not trapped & killed. Then, even worse, is disposing of them all.

Here's what you can do to save yourself some money:

1) Neuter your pet.

2) Help a friend, neighbor or relative neuter their pet.

3) Neuter a stray.

4) Don't adopt a pet unless you accept the responsibility to KEEP IT FOREVER! Owner relinquished & dumped pets are the single most major contributing source of homeless pets.

5) Don't dump unwanted animals. It's against the law in "civil" states. If you can't keep the pet, or find it a GOOD home don't abandon it to die of starvation (a slow death), mutilation or any of the other horribly painful ways dumped animals die.

6) Don't advertise "FREE to a good home", because there is no such animal. For every animal you give "FREE" another dies in the shelter. It's not just the ugly kittens, puppies, cats & dogs we must kill because "free" animals take the homes. "FREE" animals are also more inclined to be "adopted" for resale to animal research, for use in dog fighting (kittens & cats especially!), or any other horrors you can't imagine!

7) Keep your pet at home. Neutered or not, your pet will live a longer and healthier, less stressful life if kept safely at home. The public will be safer without your pet on the highway, or one of a hundred other dangerous places pets die. Don't let your pet become some else's pest or the next road kill statistic.

These seven simple things can help prevent your tax dollars from being used to kill homeless animals. So whether you care about animals or just care about the bottom line, the hard, cold cash; remember that preventing one litter means preventing hundreds of thousands of companion animals coming into a world where they are born to be killed. Estimates range between 70,000 & 820,000 animals born over a 7 year period from a single mating male & female cat, with only two surviving per litter!) Multiply THAT times $48.00 a day, and don't forget the inflation!

So you see, it pays to neuter. It saves lives. It saves suffering. It saves dollars & makes sense. Prevention is always wiser than destruction.

If you think you can't afford to neuter contact any of the following organizations that are working diligently to stop the mass euthanasia of healthy pets in America.

SPAY USA - Nationwide Spay/Neuter certificates 1-800-248-SPAY (7729).
Friends of Animals - FoA Spay and Neuter Program 1-800-321-PETS
Love that Cat - National Directory
Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) - TX - Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Native American Reservations in the Southwest.
EmanciPet and Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic - Austin, TX
Campus Cat Coalition - Austin, TX
FLAG - Manakin-Sabot, VA
Spay/Neuter Clinic - Spotsylvania, VA
The Feral Cat Coalition - San Diego, CA
CVMA Feral Cat Altering Program - CA - Free spay and neuter of feral cats in California.
Silicon Valley Animal Rescue - CA - Free!
Operation SPOT- St. Louis, MO
The Cat Network - South FL
Rehab-a-Cat - New Haven, CT

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my favorite.....

I found all of these under a Google Image search....

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Thanks... hmm I should try google if I get the time. :)

I was trying to find something simple and to the point for flyers to hand out at Straydog's Adoption Days.

Mouse that was great but a little bit too long... and Daisysmom those were all really great but yet not informative enough. Hee hee, sorry Im so picky :lol: but thanks anyway!!! :D

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