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I said goodbye to Marley today. I havent known him that long only about a week. He is at the shelter that I just started working at. He is a Old English Sheepdog and still quit young. He is sweet to the people that takes the time to get to know him and get past that first "word" he says when you come up to his cage. He was on the Adoption side when I first saw him and then today he is brought back over to be reevaulated because he grumbled at some people. He just didnt know them and they didnt take the time. He was REALLY sweet. He did the same thing to me and I gave him a min and it was all good.
Today when I found out what was to come of him. I went in his kennel and sat with him a few min and talked with him and loved on him. He gave me a hug, put his paws on my shoulders and laid his chin on one shoulder.... Im off tomarrow and I will probably not see him again..... :(
I knew that this was something I was going to have to face when I took the job but I wasnt sure just how hard it would be......

GOOD BYE MARLEY SWEET BOY You can go play with my babies that are waiting for me at the Rainbow :angel:

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