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Read this girl's story.

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Beautifull girl, Horiable story!!


Pit Bull Terrier,American Staffordshire Terrier

Size: Medium
Age: Young
Sex: Female

Notes: Chance is not an MPR dog. She is being listed as a courtesy. Please take a moment and read her very sad story. Chance deserves a loving home soon!

If pit bulls could talk, I think they would all tell the same sad stories. The abandoned ones, that is. “I wasn't fierce enough, I wouldn't fight... They treated me like I'm useless.” This must have been Chance's story because she was found discarded in the streets with a bullet in her head, abandoned and left for dead..... But this little girl didn't die. The bullet went down through her nose and out the bottom of her chin. It shattered her jaw, part of her sinus cavity and a piece of her tongue. Based on the level of infection in her sinuses when she was rescued, this little trooper had been wandering around with the wound for at least 2 or 3 days! After her rescue, she had surgery to repair her jaw and has since healed nicely. She has been spayed as well as a hernia operation-all of which went great!

With everything Ms. Chance has been through, she has remained a happy, good-natured girl and remarkably loves people!!!

She will have a few special needs because she will potentially have some medical issues. Because the bullet shattered her jaw, she may have sharp tooth fragments work up through her gum that will need to be removed (the worst of them have already been taken care of and any remaining fragments seem stationary). Also, Chance has a number of tiny bullet fragments lodged in her sinuses. They are also stationary and don't give her any trouble, but she may be prone to Sinus infections.

This sweetheart has had a very rough start in life and she needs a forever home with a family that will lavish her with love and attention and show her that people are not all bad! Although Chance seems fine with some cats and dogs, she may do better in a home where she is the only animal-she'll get more attention that way and can be the princess she deserves to be!

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