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Dog teeth earrings anyone?

Lucky Chaos

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speaking of teeth,i'm obess with gold teeth is it possible to get it on a dog?kinda crazy but sure would be cute (well in my opinion) and ever since i saw these *lions with earrings (not sure if they were clipons though) i wonder if can you get that on a dog,and would it hurt for them??

*neighbor's lions had permit and treated them like they were his children,inside the house to,but he moved.

as for those earrings ehh nope not for me

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I've still got BK's (puppy) teeth and always planned to make jewellery out of them, but never have got around to it. *insert weirdo icon here* It's a novel idea and I hope that it's illustrated to the ordinary person what sheer hell a puppymill is as well as publicising the good work rescues do.

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