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My Psychedelic Fish

Guest Mutts4Me

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Guest Mutts4Me

[i]This isn't a dog, and I hope that's okay. But he was my little puppy dog at school...[/i]

October 26, 2002. Went to the store to look for a white betta. There wasn't one, but my friend pulled a hex off the shelf and said "Amber, look at him." And I did. The decision was instant, and I had named him Psychedelic before we left the fish aisle.

Psychedelic moved into a fishbowl on the dresser next to my dorm room's door. He became my pseudo puppy dog, saying goodbye to me every time I left, and wagging at me every time I came home. He ate from my hands and watched me to my homework. He looked at me if I spoke to him, making me feel less silly about speaking outloud in my lonely dorm room. He made my dorm room not lonely anymore.

Soon upgraded to a green MiniBow, because he deserved the best I could give him. Allowed me to cart him home on weekends, riding like a good boy. Stole the heart of my family, who - like me - had never expected such personality in a fish.

January '03, swelling occurred, leading to numerous diagnosis attempts, and as many medication attempts. February 17, 2003 found us at a vet clinic 45 minutes from campus. Diagnosis: cancer. An unoptimistic vet did what he could and expected it to come back. It didn't.

Mid-February '04, Psych began losing weight, but not his personality. He held up until the very end, and only one day passed without him wagging hello to me, and I knew that was it. He was gone the next morning.

He lived his life like a rock star, fully aware that all other living creatures were his audience... and expecting rapt attention from everyone who crossed his path. He got it 'til the day he died, and now he's finally able to join his equals, his peers, in Rock Star Heaven, a world of gold and rose, misty blue and lilac too... never to grow old... :rainbow1:


In memory of my little psychedelic rock star...

There lives a psychedelic fish
He lives with just one wish
Sweetly he says "Please!"
That boy is such a tease!
Yes, bloodworms!- His favorite dish

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I know personally how much you care for your fish. I remember you mentioning him before and how you now have... 4? beta fish and how silly people think it is for taking a fish to the vet. Hardly anyone would notice a fish that has a tumor. That makes you special. You care for even the tiniest of creatures, and you shall be rewarded in the future for your care and love.[/i]

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Guest Mutts4Me

Thanks everyone :)

I now have 7 bettas, and my mom has 3... all of these fish were rescued from dreadful conditions at the store, and it's all because of Psych and how awesome he was... he inspired us to go out and rescue as many as we had room for (and time enough to clean ;)).

He was a fun little guy... who'd have thought you could play games with a fish? lol :lol:

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