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Is this normal?


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Well, I just sat down and turned on the tv and That's My Baby was on. There's this little dog (I think rat terrier but I'm not positive) giving birth and the dog is SCREAMING through the whole thing! I've never heard such awful screams coming from a dog. I almost had to change the channel. Is that normal for a dog to scream like that?

The dog was at the vet's office and the vet was really yanking those pups out. He had to pull pretty hard it looked like. I don't know anything about dogs giving birth but I've seen the show before and none of the animals have screamed like that.

Oh, BTW they're all out and 2 of them are hairless...

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giving birth is very painful. It's hard to explain, but I have done it and yes, it hurts. Most dogs dont cry while giving birth however, so I would think that either A, the puppies were too big for her to handle or B. there was something wrong with the birthing process. Most animals dont cry while giving birth, it's too dangerous..it attracts predators.

poor thing. I hope she's all better now...

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