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Bella lost her second tooth!!


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Bella lost her second tooth today! :D And I got it!! Now I've got it saved. I have still all of Ben's teeth - I mean the ones that I found on the floor etc. so I don't have ALL of his teeth... :o ;)

I was a bit nervous with the first tooth, because it wasn't THAT loose and another one was pushing in front of it already, but luckilly nature did what it was supposed to. :D

So now Bella is getting toothless! :o (yipes) But she looks kind of funny with only four teeth on the lower front jaw when she plays, because when she looks at me in the "hey-mom-it's-time-to-play" -kind of way, she always opens her mouth and "smiles". So now you see a gap on the left side of the right bottom corner tooth! :lol:

My toothless baby! :D

Oh, I nearly forgot... I took some pictures today.... wanna see?

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Hah hah! Ok! :D

So here are the pics... :D




Oh, I hope they aren't that big... I saved them from the camera...

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