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Hoooray! We've got the first permament snow this autumn! Right now! It's only 20 cm deep, but...WINTER COMES!!! Time to do skijouring, to race snowballs, to get the first cold :lol: Just to have the greatest fun ever!
Asting is so glad...If you could see him! Ah, all is fantastic! Soon we'll have the first skijouring run - if there is much snow, of course.

:drinking: Iwanna have a [size=7]big[/size] party! :drinking:

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I've seen ski jouring on Animal Planet, and it looks like a blast. But I have a question about it.

When the dogs get used to pulling like they do when they're pulling you, will they pull when you lead them too? I assume you use certain commands when ski jouring, but I was wondering if it's hard to get the "wanting to pull" out of them when you have them on a leash.

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[quote]JM, I'm not there yet myself but I believe that you can teach them that wearing a harness means it's ok to pull but when wearing a collar it's not.[/quote]

I did the same. Asting is good at skijouring avd [size=6]excellent[/size] at obedience. :D

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