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Paws for a Cause


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I can't belive I haven't told this to u guys yet! :o :-? Saturday our SPCA has a thing called Paws for a Cause, at the fairgrounds. A couple weeks before it takes place, u get a form and get people to sponser u. The donations that u get go to the SPCA. At the fairgrounds they'll have all sorts of contests, and we also do a walk. The actually walk part is only like 2 mins, I wish we could a real walk, like they do around town every year to raise money for cancer research. :-? :( But, it's usually a lot of fun, u of course bring your dog with u. :D I'm hoping Abby will do better this year than she did last, last year she kept barking and growling at the other dogs. :-? I'm gonna have her on the gentle leader this year, which should help, plus I'll have cheese with me, and that'll keep her more focused on me than the other dogs. :) Anyways, u can look forward to lots of pics! I'm gonna take my Digicam, and I'm hoping to see alot of different breeds!!! :D

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We do walks at the parks here to, but I went last year and they wanted $30 dollars to register us in the walk and $10 for each extra family member. :o

It was just alittle to much for us.
I could understand if it was like $5 each person.(to raise some money)
Well, it was not a very big hit, because i am assuming of the cost. :-?

I hope they do something like this again, but only a lot cheaper. :(

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