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Letter form NZ Government.


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I contacted the NZ Government , regarding the emotional, and psychological effects its having on families in Queensland and world wide.
And the fact that many families and there children are now on anti-depressants due to the trauma the Government has placed on them, because of the breed of dog they own.
This is their reply.


Dear pitgal,
Thank you for your submission an the above item of business.

A copy will be distributed to members of the above committee, which is
considering the item.

Should the committee decide to hear the submission , you will be notified as soon as possible of the date and time at which you are to
appear before the committee.
For your information , select committees normally meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays mornings and you may be asked to attend at short notice.

Your submissions will be publicly released at the time you appear before the committee , or the committee may decide to release it earlier.

If it has not been released when the committee reports to the house
it becomes publicly available at that time.

You may apply for any or all your evidence to be heard in private
or secret .Committees normally require reasons before agreeing to such requests, please contact me if you wish to make an application.

yours sincerely
Marie Alexander

Local Government

Conformation on the 27th august, from NZ they have accepted my submissions and it will appear before Parliament in Wellington today.

keep your fingers crossed.SAVE THE PITTYS

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Sorry to confuse you, l am a counselor , and l decided to work on the mental health strategy of this bsl law.
On the NZ Government site anyone could of sent a submission in about the bsl.I sent about 4 in and to my surprise they have accepted them.
l am a counselor and have worked in mental health and l just put some stories across about the mental effect it is having on families and children.
They are willing to listen, which is great, its a shame we are still working on Queensland.

We had a tragic incident last weekend, a young man took his life and that of a police officer.Murder Suicide.

This young man was a loner and very depressed, and a addict.
The council seized his pit bull and he walked around for 3 days telling everyone they took my dog,in the end this has triggered this young man to retaliate and the outcome was very sad.

In theory l blame the government , this young man should of being regulated by mental health , and the government for introducing this
disgusting law, just because of breed.What ever happened to Duty of Care

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Pitgal, this is a travesty. More so than anyone else, the mentally ill benefit from the love and companionship of a dog. The dog is usually the only thing they trust, since it doesnt judge them for the mistakes they have made.... it loves them anyway....

this is SOOO WRONG!!!

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Keep up the fight!! I am sure everyone here will back you up

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Good for you Pitgal!!!

I understand that poor man, I'm not mentally ill but still if some one were to take my dogs from me I don't know how I'd cope. There have been times in the past where my dogs have been the only thing that have kept me going from one day to the next, they are like my children. These laws need to be faught not only for the breed itself, but for the people who own and love them, they need to be kept in mind also before having there dogs brutally killed.

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