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Quick question about agility.....


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[quote name='abker17']:-?

My dad made some weave ploes for me, just simple PVC piping stuck on tent stakes. The thing is the piping is very thick, about 2 in. width. Do u think having thicker weaves than the regulation, will effect training? :-?[/quote]

Hmm....interesting. Weave poles should be 1" to 1 1/4" in diameter so that's quite a difference. I agree that even using the thicker poles you can still teach the weaving motion. One thing that you may run into is that once you do have to go to a standard diameter you might be in for a little retraining.

There's an allowable spread between the poles. Our training center used to have all weaves with the same spread. (they have about 6 sets.) If you went to a trial way out of town it was possible to run into a set that was at the other end of the allowable range and dogs would frequently "pop" from them. I do think that there may be a similar issue with the thick poles.

When your dog is training weaves, aside from teaching them to do it, you're trying to get it into the dog's muscle memory. Once your dog commits the "thick" poles to muscle memory there will probably be a little retraining needed to fine tune the normal poles to muscle memory.

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