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Have you ever been bitten by a dog?  

  1. 1. Have you ever been bitten by a dog?

    • Yes, by my own darn dog.
    • Yes, by my own darn dog(s) multiple times.
    • Yes, someone elses dog(s) have bitten me.
    • No.

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I was horribly bitten by a friends APBT, I still have the scars today and received many stitches in my hand and lower arm. The Pit was sweet and loving when it wanted to be :roll:
It attacked me as we were walking with the dog and I went to tap my buddy on the arm to get his attention for a cool looking car driving by. The dog lunged and grabbed my arm, it was horrible and took quite a bit to get the dog to calm down. The dog was not put down and lived with my buddy for many years after that. You had to be very careful around this dog. My buddy had socialized the dog well but, he spoiled it too much. :roll:

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[quote name='ellieangel']Sadly Marion the woman got all upset when her dog went for the others and said "I knew there was no point in doing this !!!" :roll:
She never came back :( even though we all reassured her that no-one was expecting miracles, and her dog would be welcome to come free of charge for socialisation so long as she was muzzled,I often wonder how she is getting on but I never had a contact number for her :-?

I actually didn't let on that the dog had bitten me,I had really thick jeans on and no-one else seemed to have noticed that she made contact with my leg she moved so fast !!

And this woman was already upset that her dog had been going for other dogs I thought if I told her she'd probably have dropped the lead there and then and ran !!! :lol:

As soon as she left I was like "F*** it that hurt !!" and all the other instructors were like "what ?????" I slid my hand down my jeans and realised I was bleeding so I had to go to casualty for a tetanus and antibiotics !!

It wasn't the dogs fault really though she was terrified :errrr:[/quote]

Zoe, I would have told her that her dog bit you too, and that you only NOT press charges IF she KEPT coming back.

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