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  1. [quote]I'm sorry, but all your posts along these lines sound like sloppy, choppy, regurgiations of Cassie's numerous "purebred mongrel" posts. Those arguments certainly have valid basis, but they shouldn't be taken to extremes. You've said "What do you call a mixture of a German Pinscher, Rottweiler, Manchester Terrier and Greyhound = a Doberman Pinscher" so [/quote] Those posts by Cassie, Courtnek and another poster here are what got me interested in reading on this subject. I never even thought of it before, I just thought the same way you did. I am just concerned about dogs I am not saying I really know what Im talking about I just did some reading by experts in the feild of genetics. Purebred dog breeders (most) have not done years of studies on genetics. The websites I am reading have done a lot of study on genetics. If your interested you can read this website. It will be interesting in the years ahead to see what happens with dog breeding. [url]http://www.netpets.com/dogs/reference/genetics/bragg.html[/url] BTW Mutts4me, don't get so upset. We all don't know every thing about dogs, I am just showing a different way of looking at purebred breeding. Are you mad at me for bringing this topic up and discussing it because it goes against your ideals of what a proper dog is. Or is it the way I am broaching the subject? If it's the way I am bringing it up then I do apologize :D :wink: I guess we all have different ideas, and its good to see it from all view points. I just have a different point of view lately. :wink: [quote]but all your posts along these lines sound like sloppy, choppy, regurgiations of Cassie's numerous "purebred mongrel" posts[/quote] This part really bugs me! :evil: are you making fun of my english writing skills :evil: this part of your post personally degrades me as a person. I really got upset and hurt when I read this. Sloppy and Choppy :( That is a personal attack against my ability to write. These are taken from Dogo rules. [quote]1) Please respect every opinion that is posted. It may not be your opinion, but we all have the right to express how we think. Unless, it deals with abuse in any way towards dogs - abusive suggestions and/or opinions are not wanted here. 2) NO profanity or name calling or inappropriate remarks this includes racial slurs. Slight swearing in the case of emotive subjects may be overlooked (and words will appear with *** due to Board programming) - this is a "family type" community and we don't want to offend any one. 3)Flaming/Flame Wars will not be tolerated. Flaming is reacting to someone's message board posting in a hostile manner by publicly chastising the person or bombarding the person with nasty e-mails/PM's Flaming may occur to users who ask stupid questions or who engage in behavior that violates what is considered proper online netiquette. A flame war occurs when two or more users flame each other in an escalating manner that threatens to continue unabated. Respect other peoples privacy. 4) Do not post a personal message from another member without their permission. This is an invasion of privacy and we will delete any message that does not say you have permission to post it. 5) [b]We don't have spell check in this group and we have not assigned anyone to the task. Insulting another member because of spelling or grammar is not going to be allowed[/b]. We have members that translate into English as best they can. We also have children/young adults here who are still learning how to spell. Be considerate of this. It would be a shame to lose a member because they don't feel they can live up to your standards [/quote]
  2. [quote]Not every breeder line breeds and in breeds..... I'm sure you can't speak for everyone[/quote] Debbie, you do realize that in order to create a purebred you HAVE to inbred to create the look and conformation. All breeders especially the suppossed best breeders line breed. Purebred dogs have limited amount of genes cause there are only limited amount of dogs used to create a purebred dog. Think about it this way, if I want to create a purebred Lab/Shep. I would take a few bitches and males and breed them for a few generations til I get the look I want. Then the kennel clubs recognize it as a breed. So, then you have thousands of these Lab/Shep mixes out there and they become popular. So, then you have what looks like a large gene pool but only a few founder dogs. To create a purebred dog you have to inbred and line breed, there is no other way Debbie. This is what makes them so unhealthy and just plan wrong. Purebred dogs are not races, nor are they types, they are just man made from a few founder dogs taken from the mass population of mongrel dogs. Sad isnt it? and this is what people are supporting. Put it this way, if I found out that a dog has champion conformation lines I would be running,not walking away from the sale. I would be wiser to pay the same amount for a mixed breed and possibly have less problems. :wink: Here read this article, it makes a lot more sense than what I am having a hard time saying. It will explain to you what a purebred dog is and why its so unhealthy for dogs as a population. :wink: I am not putting down dogs I am just a concerned dog lover and I fear for the life of our dogs what purebred breeders are doing to them. Its a real horror story, far far worse than any doodle breeding you can imagine. [url]http://seppalasleddogs.com/documents/pbdb21c.htm[/url]
  3. Neat picture pwrpufgirlz. Yes, horses developed naturally to their environment Arabians developed to their environment that has nothing to do with man manipulating the horse and trying to breed for a dished in face. That is natural selection and has nothing to do with purebred breeding. An Arabian horse is more a race or type of horse rather than a purebred. Nothing like our purebred dogs. And yeah I do ride on the trail a lot and most the horse people I talk to usually breed their quarter horses to other types of horses. Horses are not bred as poorly as purebred dogs are and horse breeders would be mortified if any one tried to breed horses the way they do dogs. As far as Thoughbreds and Standard breds I think they are just plan high strung. Just my opinion, as I said before I aint no expert Im just telling it as I reads it :lol: [quote]I wasn't talking about horse breeders though, I'm talking terrain and natural environments creating numerous characteristics among different horses, like arabians with dished in faces, small figures, raised tails, all made for speed and endurance while living in the wild in the desert. Or the connemara pony of Ireland living in the marshlands, shetland ponies of scotland, etc etc. [/quote] Exactly the way dogs were produced. They are called mongrels or races of dogs. Different types of dogs adapted to their "environment". They were spitz types in the north, kinda houndish in the warm climates, large and mastiffy in the high terrain, and some what a sheep dogish in the mountain terrain. Thats how dogs evolved just the same as horses to blend in with their environment and be healthy. Then man comes along and takes a small population of these natural breeds and starts inbreeding to make their so called perfect purebred dogs. Horse breeding is in no way as horrible as dog breeding is. Dog breeding is for physical beauty, when you start just breeding for that then you are making horrible genetic problems. Horse breeders usually are breeding for good working animals etc. Do you see the difference??? doesnt it make a lot of sense? [quote]That's why my Lab/Rott goes to the Vet more than my pure bred Jacks....... That's why she's plagued with allergies and ear infections. That's why I spend the big money on Prescription food for her and monthly grooming to make sure her ears are throughly cl [/quote] Debbie, purebredreeding has caused these problems in the first place. I think almost every purebred dog owner I talk to goes through major genetic health problems. Even my vet says he thinks purebreds are just a big genetic mess. There are purebred mongrels which there are some out there but not so much in North america, youd have a perfect dog.. Its so sad that purebred breeding started all these problems and they are infecting other dogs :( If a purebred dog has genetic problems you can't just dilute the problem by crossbreeding. The problem is going to leak out the the whole genetic pool of dogs. Kinda sad that purebred breeders are doing this horrible thing :( Any way, as I said before, I am not an expert on genetics but I have been doing a lot of reading. To me it makes total sense that purebred breeding is just wrong, especially the way purebred dog breeders go about it. There are much more healthy ways to keep the look and type of your breed by outcrossing than inbreeding and line breeding. Thats all my take on it. Thanks pwrpufgirlz for your knowledge of horses, I find it very interesting. Its neat when you think about healthy natural horse breeding compared to unnatural unhealthy dog purebred breeding Thats all Im going to say about this and sorry every one for taking this out of context. I guess reading up on this subject has opened my eyes and freaked me out quite a bit :lol: Its scary that at one time I thought purebred dogs were right, boy have I changed my mind on that one :wink:
  4. [quote]I doubt sincerely these people have been breeding these dogs like the ones in the ads for generations....these are OOPSIE breedings and they're making them sound good for big $$$$.[/quote] I think that to improve the quality of purebreds breeder should be out breeding like these. Inbreeding dogs is just wrong, and thats how purebreds were created. [quote]And #2 how do you know these mutts are healthier than pure bred dogs ?? You know nothing about the dogs in these ads that were bred.[/quote] I never said these dogs were healtier debbie. But, the chances of them being healthier is far greater than a purebred dog. Remember purebred breeding is what created all the genetic diseases in the first place. Inbreeding in my book is just bad genetics...very very bad. [quote]I know more about this topic with horses, but I'm sure that it goes for dogs [/quote]too pwrpufgirlz, Im not too keen on purebred horses either. I certainly wouldn;t take most purebred horses on a trail. Give me a grade horse any day :D plus, in horse breeding your not really taking the horse too far out of its natural conformation. I don;t see any pushed in faces, short legs, hairless. But, who knows if purebred breeders have their way we will have short legged hairless horses :(
  5. With all the dogs at the local pound I wouldn't pay any thing more than an adoption fee for any dog. To me a dog is a dog is a dog...love them all. :D :wink: I just would never pay big money for a dog...ever. Some people will and to each his own. If they want to fork over 1500.00 for a purebred compared to paying 800.00 for a more genetically versatile dog. I would say the person forking over the bucks for the cross breed is smarter. :wink: Just to add, I don't know much about genetics. But, Ive read enough sceintific studies to realize that purebred breeding is not genetically healthy. :D
  6. [quote]Well since people are just tossing dogs together and creating breeds does that mean my new mutt is really a breed. I figured he was mutt, being husky and lab cross[/quote] First youd have to inbreed the dog for a few generations, make sure its genetically unhealthy. Then you can call it a purebred :wink: All purebreds are are descendants of mongrels, or some purebreds are the direct result of crossbreeding and then inbreeding programs. So, yes, you can create your own purebred from a mixed breed dog after a few generations. What do you call a mixture of a German Pinscher, Rottweiler, Manchester Terrier and Greyhound = a Doberman Pinscher.
  7. They would look pretty neat! :D Its great to see some people creating larger gene pools for dogs. Hopefully purebred breeders will catch on pretty soon and stop inbreeding our poor pouches :( [quote]SHALAPA-POO's [/quote] I don't know what that is? :lol: Im interested in the first person on the board to let us know :lol:
  8. Very interesting. I read some where on a previous long ago post that some attacks to children (and mauling deaths) can be directly linked to predatory drift and really nice dogs some times perceiving children (running & screaming) and fearful humans as prey objects. I can't remember exactly how it was put, but, this poster said that some times a normally great family dog can go into predatory drift (kinda misdirected) to an activity that maybe the dog hasnt been properly exposed to. Or, some times when owners with small children mistake their high predatory dog's eye stalking and chasing as just play, some times it can lead to being more than play and can lead to a full out attack mainly towards children. Possibly in the dogs mind its just predatory play, but with the wrong breed and with a breed with too high a predatory drive it can lead to a dangerous situation, even with well obedeince trained dogs. I think that the training that you are comtemplating sounds like it will create a safer dog. Its great to learn more about drives etc and how to direct them properly and control them. I think a dangerous dog is a breed that has a high prey drive and belongs to an owner who doesnt understand the drives their breed has. To control and direct the drives wisely is a controlled safe dog. :wink: Thank you for sharing your knowledge. :wink:
  9. jweissg, very interesting post. I don't know much about protection training and nil about schutzhund training. But, you sound like you know what your doing and what you said about calling your dog off and knowing when a situation is no longer a threat sounds really interesting. I know some dogs have a high predatory drive and some times when a dog goes into predatory drift that dog can be VERY dangerous. Does schutzhund training teach the dog to control its high predatory drive and to use it in a controlled athmosphere? I think that would be great to rein in a high drive dog breed and teach it controlled predotory drive. As you can determine, I don't know much about prey drives but Im really interesting in learning. :wink:
  10. Have you guys ever tried Astragulas? I use this supplement and have not been sick with a cold or flu for years. Unlike Echinechea you can take Astragulas daily. I highly recommend it, and its cheap and can be bought at any place that sells herbs and vitamins. I get mine from Herbal Select.
  11. I think a damp cloth or a hounds glove works great on short coated dogs. Also those shedding blades are great to use. If your concerned that it may be a medical issue then get a blood test done on your dog just to rule out Thyroid problems etc. It might ease your mind just to be sure. :wink:
  12. Maybe this site can help? [url]http://www.homevet.com/petcare/index.html[/url]
  13. Ive read that you can grow grass for your dogs to eat like wheat grass and alfalfa is good to give dogs too. As for upset belly's and diarrhea etc. I give my dogs dandelion root. I also read some where that licorice root is good to give for stomach upset. Dandelion root and Leaf; the leaf is used for enhancing bile secretion and decreasing water retention and bloating accompanied by flatulence and appetite loss. Roots are used for indigestion, as a diuretic, to promote bile secretion and to treat rheumatism.
  14. [url]http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?cls=2&cat=1624&articleid=920[/url]
  15. Yep, and just remember the most fertile time for a female dog is AFTER she finished bleeding. After the finish bleeding keep her away from males for about 2 weeks. So, from now keep her away from males for 3 weeks. I know this is common sense but its amazing how many people think its OK once the dog stop bleeding, thats just the beginning of the fertile time :D :wink:
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