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The routine of grooming

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Grooming can be hard work, unless your fur-kid enjoys it, like Tobi does. I think he is in pure heaven when I say "Ok, bath time" -- he actually jumps around in circles and right into my arms. No fuzzing there. Here are a few photos (you guys must know by now that was coming -- I love taking photos of them, even when they sleep):

"I do look kinda wet, if I do say so myself"

"Why am I'm licking myself and acting like a cat?"

"Woo-hoo!!! I do luv spinning around after a good bath!!"

"Spinning is hard work, I'm tired!!"

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It's incredible I got Tobi spinning like that. You know he does that right after every single time I give him a bath!! He loves to be groomed. The only thing he doesn't like is getting his nails trimmed, but other than that, I can do just about anything to him and he's happy.

I'll try to take some more pics this weekend. His hair has grown alot and he looks really cute.

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Guest Anonymous

Lovely photos.

Talking about grooming......
The best thing to use on short haired dogs, is a hacksaw blade.


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