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  1. Hey! Here I've found some interesting information from petslovershotels (.) (com) [B]American Airlines[/B] advise people who travel with pets to [B]arrive unless four hours before the flight time, so you can do the check-in with extra time. [/B] [B]This airline only admits cats and dogs except breeds consider aggressive or dangerous[/B]. In the [B]cabin can travel one kennel per passenger with 23" long x 13" wide x 9" high[/B], and the [B]pet can
  2. Hey!! Don't leave Maya with a dog sitter, just take a look at petslovershotels (.com) and find a nice pet friendly hotel. You can make your reservation online. There are also interesting tips about traveling with your pet. Hope you like it!! Greetings!!!
  3. Hey!! I really think you should do it! I have microchiped my lovely dog last summer and it isn't a big deal. Just find a good vet! I also read this article "Microchip for maximum pet security" at petslovershotels (.com) It's highly recommended!! See you!!
  4. Hi! Here I've found an interesting article at petslovershotels (.com) "Using microchips for maximum pet security" Hope you like it!! Greetings!
  5. Hey! I have my lovely Bob microchiped last summer. It's not painful at all, just an injection and the microchip size is like a grain of rice. I've also found this article "Using microchips for maximum pet security" at petslovershotels (.com) Greetings!!
  6. Poli R

    Grooming my dog

    Hey!! Just read this article "Grooming for pets lovers" at petslovershotels (.com) and grooming your dog will be no longer a problem! Greetings!!
  7. Hey!! I loved those photos they r so cute!! There r a lots of doggies and cats which loves bath time!! Here I've found a nice article at petslovershotels (.com) "Grooming for pets lovers..." Hope you like it!:wink:
  8. Hi! Since 2004 Poland belongs to the European Union, so if you have to travel with your dog there, you'll have to make some proceedings. I've found some interesting articles at petslovershotels (.com) like: Traveling with your dog by plane and Pet Passport. The prices of the flight depends on the airline you are going to buy the ticket. I recommend you to take a direct flight so is less stressful for you dog. Hope you'll have a wonderful trip!!
  9. I remember a trip advice from petslovershotels (.com) that mention this topic A copy-paste of this: Our pets give us love and company. We take care of them and we look for their health and comfort. Nowadays there are trendy [B]insurances for pets[/B], which cover them and their owners in different cases of [B]emergency[/B], [B]travel[/B], and during their [B]breeding[/B]. There are several types and prices which vary according to your pet's requirements. Most of the [B]insurances [/B]cover the expenses in case of illness, admission into a pet residence when the pet has to be hospital
  10. Not really, but for the next time if u need to book a pet friendly hotel see this site: petslovershotels (.com) I spent many times with "Tommy" in the hotels that appears in this site and it was really fine! Also check this to see some trips advices. Cheers!
  11. Just read this ;) If you[B] travel by car[/B], make sure your pet is comfortable in its [B]kennel [/B]and don't forget to put a [B]comfortable blanket and a toy[/B] inside. Small animals can travel in kennels secured in the car. Prepare a [B]First Aid kit[/B], with some cotton and alcohol in case your pet gets injured. Also [B]get the phone of a vet [/B]in the place where you are traveling to. Pets tend to [B]drink [/B]a lot more when they travel, so make sure to give them water periodically. [B]Never leave your pet unattended inside the car[/B]. Heat may cause dehydration and even death.
  12. Yeah many times!!! I love to spend my holidays with my pets :) so every year i book a hotel in petslovershotels (.com) and have fun with "Tommy" (my little dog) ;) Cheers!
  13. Yeah! find the perfect hotel to your dog in this site: petslovershotels (.com) I have a dog of 85 lb called "Tommy" and the hotel that i booked in this site was amazing! -no problems- Cheers!
  14. Hi there! I know that the service is excelent - too tidy for me & my pets xD i always book hotels in petslovershotels (.com) that's the fact Cheers!
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