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Doberman Pup goes after Shark!


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Here's a story about a plucky little doberman pup who came to the rescue of his doggie friend!

What a brave fella! Nice to see some good news for a change! :lol:

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Here you go Daisymom!

Dog attacks shark

THERE is the occasional man-bites-dog story, but a Dobermann pup has set a precedent by attacking – and beating – a two-metre shark.

When its kelpie friend, three-year-old Honey Girl, was set upon by the shark last week, the pup, known as Jet, flung himself upon the would-be dog-eater.

Honey Girl was being pulled under the water at Broome's Cable Beach in front of her terrified owner when Jet suddenly sprang into action.

Honey Girl was in knee-deep surf looking for her rope toy at the time of the attack.

"All of a sudden, I saw a shark fin come above the water about four metres in front of us and then there was this big surge of water," said Lyn Powell, 28.

"Honey's head went under the water and when she came up she was yelping and splashing about.

"I just froze, but Jet came running into the surf and jumped on the shark.

"He wasn't barking – just growling a lot and there was water splashing everywhere.

"The shark disappeared. It was all over in about five seconds."

Ms Powell took both dogs straight to a vet. Honey Girl escaped the attack without a mark, while Jet had only small scratches to his flank and face.

Ms Powell said the incident has changed the relationship between the two dogs.

"Probably because she is older, Honey Girl has always been the leader and Jet was happy to just follow her lead," Ms Powell said.

"But since the attack, when we go to the beach, Jet goes into the water first, checks things out, and then Honey follows.

Chris Mitchell of Australian Fisheries Management Authority said the shark was probably a nurse or lemon shark.

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