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Fallen in love with hairless dogs!


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My new obsession is American Hairless Terrier! The first AHT's should come to Finland in two weeks! I'm SO EXITED!! I'm going on a hairless dog weekend on summer and hopefully I'll see my first AHT live there! I just love hairless dogs!! They're so cute!

Look what a beautifull AHT there was in dogomanias gallery!


Large Peruvian Hairless:

Perro sin pelo del peru (peruvian hairless) small (dog of a friend of mine):

Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican hairless) miniature:

Aren't they absolutely beautifull??
Chinese Cresteds are my big passion (kind of guessed that allredy, huh? :oops:) So here is a couple pics of the moast beautifull I've seen in dogo gallery.



I don't like hairless cresteds that are too hairy... That's why I think that top pic is the best! Of powder puffs, I like them with erect ears and that one looks just so cute. :)

So... Has the "mad-for-hairless-dogs" -bug bit you yet? :lol:


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Guest Anonymous

The hairless bug, but the hound bug sure has bitten me! At this last dog show I fell in love with Harriers. I just have to have one! And a Basset Hound... I love them!

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I have to say I'm more of a girl who perfers dogs that can stand up against northern climates.. and southern too. Which is influenced both by the fact that I live in the North (oh, guess what?? It was 70 degrees F yesterday, and today it's snowing... lol) and by the fact that... well, I just kinda like um better that way. I enjoy the warmth that fur gives me on a cold winter night. But, that doesn't mean I don't like hairless dogs too, I really enjoy playin with them, but I prefer hairry dogs myself. lol.

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Never had a hairless dog, but inside the range have gone from hairFULL (Golden Retriever and Malamute) to hairSHORT (lab mixes) and I prefer the hairSHORT.....baths, housekeeping, it's all easier.....yes, they shed, but at least the hair isnt two feet long, like my Golden - LOL


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Guest Anonymous

Not a big fan of the hairless either... I like your puppy though, I think he's a cutie!
But, as for me, it's the Herding Bug! :wink:

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