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  1. Oh, forgot to mention which one I like best... I like Elmo the bestest. Very cute, and not very technical or hard to spell either. Ducky is MY nick name. lol. Well, then again you could name him/her after me!! lol.
  2. I see. That makes sence. But, why not pull them clockwise??
  3. Hmm... must have something to do wit Huskies' genes. Thought it was just my "genuine carnivore" (lol Pik!). None of the other dogs around here eat birds, so maybe my dogs ARE normal. lol.
  4. Ok, thanks guys. LOL, I really didn't think that a lil dog would be needin a choker or electronic collar, but worth a shot. lol.
  5. Sorry, my parents won't let me buy anything over the internet. *grr* Wish I could help somehow, though. Up for suggestions.
  6. Hey, ya'll. I might (key word is MIGHT. my mom is one tough cookie to crack) be gettin another dog. It would be my 10 year old sister's dog. She wants a longhaired mini dacshund, but of course she's gonna check the humain society first. We (my sis and I) have done extensive reasearch on daxies, and have learned a TON!! Plus, we talked to a breeder who lives near by and has her one daxie with her four Labs. But, just wanted to know a couple things... *Shadow (a lab mix) is very dominant over dogs, but gets along fine with little dogs that aren't dominant. I've done a lot of research and think that it would be ok to have a daxie, but any suggestions??? * I know that they have a lot of back problems, and ur suppose to keep their backs straight, right? like, when u pick them up and stuff? And what about stairs? I got 14 steps goin down to the basement, and was wonderin if we would have to carry her down them all the time. * How much exercise do they need? I know we couldn't take her on a walk with Shadow or Rocky, so how far do you need to go... if they need walks at all?? * What kind of training (ex. choker, positive training, head collar, etc.) is better to use on them? Oh, I know I have more questions... just can't think of them all right now. All replys will be grately appreciated!!! Like I said, it's not for certain, and we might not be getting one for a long long time, but it's really nice to know all this stuff JUST IN CASE and for future reference. Thx!!! P.S. This is our first small dog. We've only owned big dogs (GSDs, Labs, Huskies) so little dog info is needed too. lol. Leave it up to my sis to pick a breed that I knew absolutely nuthin about. Well, I guess I got to learn about a nudder breed that I would have never even considered before. lol.
  7. Chase birds? My dogs EAT them. Shadow hunts them down like a cat, and if I don't get out there soon enough she'll devour them. Damn robins!! lol. We use to have two fields behind/beside my yard so we got tons of birds, so she got her fill. lol. And Rocky is our mouser. He literally mouses... he'll sniff um out, dig um out, chase um, and kill um. And, once again, if I don't get out there soon enough he'll eat them. Sometimes I catch the two playing hacky-sack with a dead rodent. lol. Oh, don't u just love dogs?!? Rocky has also severely injured a goose that landed in our yard, and half way killed squirrles and chipmunks. And he's killed cats too. Shadow does get along wit the kitties though... unless they're in her yard. One more good reason to keep ur cat on a leash. lol.
  8. Congratulations!!! I'm so jealous!!! After Shadow got spayed, she was pretty sore and she didn't want to do much. Just stay by her side (Shadow would cry everytime I left) and comfort her. I put a bowl of water by her side in easy reach so that she didn't have to travel very far. It'll get better every day. Just watch the licking, and don't take her into any fields or somewhere where the stiches could catch... otherwise you'll be trying to ravel a dog back together lol!!! Take it easy and she should be fine.
  9. Hum. When I got Rocky we named him afterwards. We named him "Rocky" because he loved to chew on rocks. When I got my GSD I named him afterwards. I named him "Kodak" when I had to go to the store and get TONS of film for those "kodak moments". I met Shadow before I named her... but did plan on some names and kept a list of good ones when we got her, and after much debate named her "Shadow" because she a.) looked like a shadow and b.) was my shadow. I always name my dogs after I get them. That way the name kinda reflects their personality to some degree.
  10. Yea, I was wonderin about the 'counterclockwise' thing too.
  11. Well, glad your dog's better anywho!!
  12. In my house we have to spell out the words A-G-I-L-I-T-Y and W-A-L-K. Otherwise Shadow'll start paseing (sp) and whinning... oh, gosh. Shadow also knows where the treats are storred and constantly goes to that place expecting some. Oh, I could go on and on. Silly dogs. Her nick-name (well, one of her many anyways) is PITA. Meaning Pain In The Ass. lol. Dogs, you just gotta love um!!!
  13. Nice post. That got forwarded to me a while back. Very touching, very true. And yes, the tital was just a little off. LOL. Came inta here expecting something like how a (fill in the blank) breed should look like, or something and its about angels!! lOl. Nice post anyways, though.
  14. Oh, I could just see my dogs' fasting day now: Shadow barking constantly at me, throwing her food dish at my head. Rocky paseing (sp) the house, crying from time to time.... yea, that's great for their health!! Fasting is not good for your dogs' health at all. Huskies, at least mine anyways, don't eat constantly like Labs. They monator themselves... which is really nice. But, they do not fast themselves. Fasting is not normal, and certainly not healthy. (nice post court) It may weaken the worms, but it also weakens the dog. Catch 22 there. I also do not believe that fasting is good for a dog... especially a house pet.
  15. Oh, that's so sad. The poor puppy musta had a guardian angel with him to help guide him to you, Lucky!! Keep tryin. Maybe he just got loose, and the owner might not know about it yet. I've brought a couple husky's back to their home when they got outa the fence. It happens. Hopefully it ain't a kinda case that Court described above.
  16. I have to say I'm more of a girl who perfers dogs that can stand up against northern climates.. and southern too. Which is influenced both by the fact that I live in the North (oh, guess what?? It was 70 degrees F yesterday, and today it's snowing... lol) and by the fact that... well, I just kinda like um better that way. I enjoy the warmth that fur gives me on a cold winter night. But, that doesn't mean I don't like hairless dogs too, I really enjoy playin with them, but I prefer hairry dogs myself. lol.
  17. Crested, I think you just talked yourself in a circle. lol (round and round we go! Where we'll stop? nobody knows!) lol.
  18. Prairie_Gurl


    Well, I don't think that it's wrong to have a kennel name that is already registered to somebody else, but you didn't know about it. But, since you do now know about it, I think you should change the name. There are a lot of good names out there. And maybe you could use a name that is close to Undertaker like Overtaker or Under-the-Table (lol... just kiddin). Could you maybe use a different spelling? Like, UnderTacker... well, maybe not because that looks like under-tack-er. That wouldn't work.
  19. Yep. That basically explains my life. I've had children come up to me and ask if they could "ride the pony" when I'm walking my dogs. lol.
  20. That's my dogs right there for yea. Now, if only I could be more like that... how do you do it Aroura?? Hmm... you must drink a magic potion or something. LOL.
  21. That's great news, Aroura!!! Glad she's doin better!!!
  22. That's adorable Hazel!!! I luv the wording on it too... never would have thought of that one.
  23. Unfortunatly, it's so true that we live each day and don't say all the good things that we think about people... we mostly say the bad things. My dad and I fight constantly-- I swear we're the second "cold war"-- but I TRY to at least smile at him everyday when he drops me off at school. And I TRY to say "I love u" to him everyday, although realistically I don't always do so. We both have too much pride. *sigh* I guess it teaches us to live life to the fullest too.
  24. ohhh... I'm so jealous!! Hope it all works out for yea!!
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