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I have to find a new dog sitter


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Pooh Bear and Maya have been quite a challenge for my dog sitter on my last two trips.

This last time Pooh Bear only pooped once in the house (the day before I got back), so that was better, and the door to the den got opened and he got into some stuff in there and chewed it up.

And Maya got loose one day, jumped over the fence, and it took the dog sitter over an hour to find and catch her. Pooh Bear pushed his way out the door out of turn and Maya bolted out with him. She got close to a busy road. The dog sitter went in her car (you can't catch Maya on foot) and coaxed her with Snickerdoodles that she had in her car for a bake sale.

The dog sitter said that as Maya is a "high risk client" she's not sure if she feels comfortable taking care of them again. And the fact that she is a professional dog sitter and Maya got loose on two of my trips makes me very nervous too.

My next trip would be in February. I REALLY want to raise my chain link fence to 6 feet, but I don't know if I would be able to get that done during the winter.

If worse comes to worse, I could take them to the kennel I used to board them at on my vacations.

Oh, the joys of having problem children.

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Maya never gets loose with me. Shortly after Pooh Bear had his hip surgery, I took off his cone, put Maya's citronella collar on her and didn't put her harness on (major brain fart), and she jumped the fence. But she never ever gets out the door without her harness on.

My dogs are all very spoiled, but they have a very structured routine for feeding time and turning out time that I ALWAYS follow, and it works great.

Now that I think about it, out of the 4 times she's dogsat for me, there have been escapes 3 of those times. Not a good record!

So it looks like it'll be back to the kennel from now on when I have to go out of town (until I can get a 6-foot fence put up next year).

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Don't leave Maya with a dog sitter, just take a look at petslovershotels (.com) and find a nice pet friendly hotel. You can make your reservation online.
There are also interesting tips about traveling with your pet.

Hope you like it!!


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A professional Dog sitter can tell you what kind of dog that is with their aggressive nature and all. I do feel that she was not at all competent. Have you ask her how long she was into this profession and any reference or recommendations she got from her past assignment.

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